Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New House? - 14/01/2008

Huh... At last. My dream comes true. After 7 years of waiting. I still remember the time when my dad said that he bought a new house, and till he said the house was built. I believe that time was 2002, me being a cute little form 3 student, telling around the world I will be moving soon. I am sure Kian Ti, Chew and Mok understand what I meant.

That was 2002. Buying a new house doesn't mean anything until the next 7 years of renovation. Throughout the 7 years, many people asked if I had moved. Unfortunately I have to say 'not yet'. The one who always asked me was Mok's mum. And I had to create reasons of the renovation delay. 7 years of renovation progress. I wonder if it enters Malaysia Records...

7th Jan 2008 was the day when my mum told me that we are moving. My parents even asked for advise from some monk. 23rd March 2008 will be the day. Kononnya berkat day. We are moving the 'san toi' first on that day. YAY!!! At last!!! Hold on a second. What 'san toi'? Neh, the God's table... Huh??? What about other things? Sofa? TV? Computer? Fridge? Beds? What happen to them? Then my mom says when time comes we will move in eventually.

Which means on 23rd March we will send only the God into the house. And then we are required to spend 3 nights stay in the house. That is of course as mentioned earlier, without sofa, TV, computer, fridge and bed. So I am going to sleep on the floor for 3 nights. NO!!! It's not fair!!! How can the God has her own sleeping table while I have only cold-cemented floor? The sofas, tables and TV, I am afraid we will have to wait till some other time. When will it be, I wonder. Perhaps another 7 years?

My mum ensured me we will be moving fully by this year. Haiz... Already had enough of it. To tell the truth, I am ready to move anytime. My belongings are so little. I can count easily... Plush Doraemon X 3, Revision notes, computer, CDs, documents, VI magazines, Baby's CD and posters, Jigsaw Puzzle, toiletries and some other few souvenirs from friends. So little hor?

I am going to paint my room apple green. Muahaha... Actually I want to paint my room with few colours. 4 sides of wall, each with apple green, sky blue, black and pink, while the ceiling is white. The floor is marbled, so there cannot be any painting. Want to know why those few colours? It's because of someone special in my heart. Who is the one? Guess la... Then I want to paste the posters of my baby and jigsaw puzzle in my room. Oops terbongkar jor the secret person. And then my study table with computer on it. Pictures of baby on the table so that I can stare at him all the time. Listen to baby while on the bed. But the most important thing I have been longing for is privacy. Yes, privacy. I never have privacy. There are so many times my privacy has been intruded by my mum, accidentally or purposely.

There are few drawbacks if I move to my new house. The most important thing is there is no internet connection at my new house (If I am not mistaken) but I will find out once I move there. The second problem is transport. The only way for me to travel is by car. Which means extra burden to fuel up the car. Goodbye LRT. Want go out yum cha oso mafan. The third problem will be the distance of the house to the nearest town. As I know there are Giant and Tesco nearby, but I like Carrefour more. And also Sunway, Midvalley, Times Square, UTAR and Pandan Jaya. Other small problems like mosquitoes, surau bising-bising and Malay neighbourhood are not really my concern actually.

I really want my own room, and I hope I can get it by this year. A room of my own means a world to discover, a responsibility to bear. LOL... If I need any man power, I hope there'll be abundant of people to help me with. Especially the fridge and the beds.

Oh yea where's exactly my new house? My new house is in Taman Puncak Jalil, Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan. Jalan PUJ 2/37. Feel free to drop by, of course after I have moved in...

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 New Year

Another 10 minutes will be the new year. Another year has passed. I am quite satisfied with my achievements for 2007. At least I went for Penang CNY, U6BF Lang Tengah and Melaka trip, Ipoh Perak trip. And also I have collected all my baby's album with autographs, watched his first concert, collected all his posters. Bought a new camera and Body Glove's merchandise. Almost all dreams came true, but I would say 95% of it. Another 5% missed out which include;

a) Unable to own a room of my own

b) Unable to buy the jigsaw puzzle I like

c) Take a picture together with my baby

d) Didn't get all my posters autographed

e) Unable to watch 原点 - The Beginning

f) Become more handsome

As 2008 approaching, there are few more wishes I want to accomplished. It's the motivation for me to complete the year. Only some simple wishes...

a) Baby to come out his new album (15 June 08)

b) Buy baby's new album and get his new poster with his autograph (15 June 08)

c) Watch his 2nd concert (if there is any)

d) Buy Doraemon 3d jigsaw puzzle (it's cute)

e) Create a photo album of baby (consist of all newspaper and magazine cuttings)

f) Go for more trips (Cameron Highlands - 07/05/08)

g) Buy new handphone (my favourite SE K750/ Nokia 7610)

h) Upgrade my computer (get an LCD monitor)

i) Score well in my finals (year 1 sem 2 gpa result 2.8000)

j) Wish can get my own room (either move to new house/ rent a room near UTAR)

k) Get a better mp3 (optional)

l) Memorize all baby's songs

m) Care for friends and they care for me

That are the wishes that I can think of now. There will be more to come as expected. And I hereby wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who is reading this.

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