Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Core leave II

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April is the popular month for working adults. Similar to previous years, this is the time when we have to prepare and submit individual income tax return form. For 2012 individual income tax, the last date to submit the individual income tax return form is on the 30th April. Just one more week!

This is my first job after degree and also the first year I filed my taxation. To my surprise, the amount is a bit too much to my liking. I haven't have a choice.

I am lucky enough to get a lot of tax reliefs stuff for rebate otherwise I will curse around.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Core leave I

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My company practises core leave of 2 weeks. In another word, it is a compulsory 2 weeks holiday whereby company is not allowed to contact me for work related matter. 

My first move was a quick trip to Penang.

Then very quickly I had my 2nd teeth scaling in my life. The previous experience was rather scary I could see blood, blood and more blood from my gums. That was November 2008 I had the RM 130 scaling at Masjid India, an expenses that was totally uncalled for. As a poor student back then, I did not ask for the service. I WAS FORCED.

This time was no exception but now that the company provides dental treatment as part of employee benefits, I thought it's now a good time to perform some cleaning in my mouth.

I was dead wrong.

The screeching sound and the deadly scream from the dental clinic... is so frightening that my balls shrunk. Not to mention the pain and numbness the scaler inflicted. 

On a brighter note, my mouth is much lighter since most plagues were already removed. Perhaps I should consider teeth whitening.

The service by a dentist and 3 nurses followed by a toothpaste and gargle liquid costed this much:

It's a bomb if I couldn't claim from insurance.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quick Escapade II

Date: April 07th & 25th
Location: Penang

This trip wasn't a planned one. It's always easier to follow the instinct and go wherever I want rather than plotting a large trip with friends

Where do you want to go next?
Where do you want to eat?
What should we do now?

Plainly irritating.

This is probably the type of trip I prefer. Freedom; something I have been yearning for years.

 Gurney Drive dinner

 Rainbow and the beach

Tang Bai Hu - Sea coconut in coconut "juice" served with black glutinous rice

 Khai, please do not over think lol

 New World Park breakfast

Anyway I have to thank Khai and C'est la vie for spending their time with me. Thanks for their car ride. Though I tried to avoid Hokkien mee and asam laksa due to bacteria infection on my nose, this trip was still a great one; considering it was only 2 days trip.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Escapade I

Date: February 24th & 25th
Location: Melaka

It was decided that the sky was too beautiful to stay at home that I went for a quick getaway to Melaka. It was around nine in the morning, so I figured I would make it there by 11.

It was truly a fun weekend, escaping hassle and stress in KL while indulging the great food made this trip a whole lot memorable.

Chicken rice ball, Chung Wah

Baba cendol, Jonker88 

Pork lard popia, Jalan Bunga Raya 

Cam whore 

McD, bus terminal

Every picture was near to perfect, if I have not lost the sense of taste that day. Everything down my throat was tasteless, rendering this trip a disappointment. I will be back.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am at it, again

Again I deactivated my Facebook.

This time I will go further. I will use my old phone which has no access to whatever social networks that ruined me. I was about to give away my iPhone to Nicholas or Oren but both declined my gift and insisted me to continue using it.

To be truth, this iPhone has served its purpose and I no longer have any use of it.

You may find this ridiculous. But I am sure I am sane enough to make this decision.

The only wish I have now is to go back how I live my life 10 years ago. I was able to keep in touch with everyone without Facebook or iPhone. Every sms sent was so expensive and it is so precious that I have to maximize the content to make it meaningful in the cheapest way.

There will be no stalking, no harassing and no entertainment. But I believe this is better to me.

Only those who bother will care to look for me. I can finally focus on my life.

If you think you deserve an iPhone from me, try your luck.

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