Thursday, July 19, 2012

Core leave IV

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This was an overdue post back in March. The dinner was part of the agendas during the 2 weeks away from work.

It was commemorative of the historic event when he achieved his sole great performance in the past 20 months, we celebrated with a sinful meal.

The menu and the butter I brought back home for mama

 French Dressing Salad and Escargot

Ox Tail Soup

 Russian Chicken and Charboiled Sirloin Steak

The quality and the effect of the pictures aren't appealing, I know that much. We are talking about iPhone and amateur, so don't expect much on the pictures.

The bill wasn't on me. That was the best part of the night!!! But my belly suffered an overload trauma.

p/s: Please note the cleaned plates and bowls were my specialty~

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