Saturday, July 7, 2012


The other day in pasar malam we were discussing on the gay applications in the market. And we talked about the idiots among us. These idiots think that they are more "superior" than the rest. The conversation reminds me of another idiot in Recon whom I find him... hopeless.

December 28, 2011
Idiot: what are u into, boi?

JinoJS: Anything

Idiot: tempting
Idiot: Cum control
Idiot: Fisting
Idiot: Bondage
Idiot: Kitohzeme

JinoJS: Just cruising

Idiot: Boi, are u playing a fool here. This site for those who serious in fetishes. Ur a pitiful pup who needs serious discipline
Idiot: just delete ur profile and play some where else.. stupid faker

JinoJS: Too bad then. Bye

The same idiot:

February 29, 2012
Idiot: Suck my dick

JinoJS: No

Idiot: really.. u bitches are all the same.. u want to explore but ur scared. Its pity that becos of pussy boys like u, this website is ruined

JinoJS: Whatever you want to say. I have right to accept or decline whoever i wish to.
JinoJS: Good day and goodluck to you.

Idiot: hahahaha... u don't even dare to accept offers.. I pity ur cowardliness

JinoJS: Words from a coward who doesnt even dare to show his picture.
JinoJS: Good day and happy hunting

Idiot: Lolz.. for what I need to show my pic? I choose my bitches not they choose me.. I wonder if u even dare to pose nude with a cuff or rope tied around ur cute body

JinoJS: Like wise, i choose who to suck me and you dont choose me. Since you dont even dare to show your picture, i guess you dont qualify to even meet up
Jino: Good day and happy weekend

Idiot: are u sure about that?
Idiot: pity that ur such a momma's boy.. you will look nice in a cage

JinoJS: Too bad you have to live a life wearing mask like japanese porn star to meet people.
JinoJS: Goodnight

Idiot: cool rite those masks.. Well, in anything case, ur worst off than me. U will not even dare to be caged

JinoJS: You are not qualified to talk to me, sorry to say. This conversation is going no where. I shall excuse myself and wish you a happy hunting. Ciaoz

The end.

Imagine this idiot is someone you already know and met. Disgusting.

Happy reading.

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