Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My phone contact list

I couldn't recall exactly how this question was brought to light, but Ameer definitely inspired me to learn pie chart drawing in excel.

"How many gay guys are there in your friend list?"

To be truth, I would not count till you asked last night. As you suggested, I present the figures in the form of pie charts for your reference.

Out of 166 numbers in my contact list, 10 numbers are duplicated (same person holding multiple numbers). And then they were categorized by genders as per below.
(nb: service providers can be banks, telcos insurances etc)

Explaining the phenomenon of dicks male outnumbers pussies female is simple: I went through my life mostly in a boy school.

To break these numbers down to race does not mean I am racist. I do not select friends. It simply shows my preference and the crowd I mix with.

I get to know friends through many channels. The trend has changed drastically in the past 10 years where exchanging contacts before graduation and send letters through post are out-dated. With the technology these days, you get what I mean?

Not all of the 144 people I know are people I have met. I may have known them for years but we just never meet. Sometimes it is better this way. The 30% are mostly social network friends who share common interest but no chance to meet up yet.

I personally believe not many are interested in below chart, I will present it anyway. It is simply to tell that majority of them are single. ENVIOUS!!! (data is correct at the time of publishing).

Let's be materialistic and analyze their attractiveness. The figures below are generated from numbers of male ONLY (all girls look the same, so they are excluded from the below chart).

Wondering how I define the good and bad? Find below pictures the difference. Average is between the line.

We finally break the numbers down by their sexual orientation. I am not surprised at the numbers though.

If my mama knows the 72% are gay guys, she will not keep quiet. Therefore, Ameer. 72% or 104 people are gay in my list.

If you also wonder how many people of 104 gay guys I have "eaten", please find below pie chart useful.

Yes can be as simple as kissing and hugging. Also include physical contact, nudity, oral and more complicated, full course meal. Too much information provided.

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