Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am at it, again

Again I deactivated my Facebook.

This time I will go further. I will use my old phone which has no access to whatever social networks that ruined me. I was about to give away my iPhone to Nicholas or Oren but both declined my gift and insisted me to continue using it.

To be truth, this iPhone has served its purpose and I no longer have any use of it.

You may find this ridiculous. But I am sure I am sane enough to make this decision.

The only wish I have now is to go back how I live my life 10 years ago. I was able to keep in touch with everyone without Facebook or iPhone. Every sms sent was so expensive and it is so precious that I have to maximize the content to make it meaningful in the cheapest way.

There will be no stalking, no harassing and no entertainment. But I believe this is better to me.

Only those who bother will care to look for me. I can finally focus on my life.

If you think you deserve an iPhone from me, try your luck.

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