Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Overseas Travel - Day 4 (2) of Pleasure

I know I should not procrastinate but when it comes to this part, I know very well that I can finish this post very quickly. The night was still fresh.

His lack of experience was evident when at the entrance he blushed to the receptionist and hid behind me. We handed 300 bath for 2 person and were given a towel each before disappearing up the stairs.

Where were we?
Sauna Men Factory. Google search for more information.

The changing area was similar to the one in KL. Lockers positioned in small alley and we stripped to put towels around our waist. Hold on a second!!! The towel was too small!!! I didn't remember gaining that much of weight. The towel was only good enough to cover my crotch. What the hell? Not too long then a guy walked down to the locker room, we realized he was wearing a pair of green brief.

Oh my gaga... I had never imagined a gay sauna that requires under garment. A total culture shock!!! I wish it was a naked party night but unfortunately it wasn't.

I guessed the management made quite a fortune from foreigners, 'coz my problem was resolved quickly. They sell underwear at very good price and surprisingly now that I look at it, the quality is good!!! I chose one which attracted my attention most; a pair of yellow TooT which I highly believe will not be used the second time. Don't get me wrong. The brief was nice but an extra piece of fabric is not necessary in daily life.

Facilities here weren't impressive. Sauna room, steam room, pool, shower room, private room and dark room were common. There are less than 10 people in the building and yet the only good looking guy here was busy sucking and getting sucked by Thais for few hours. He was from KL and has a big tool. How did I tell? He is my friend from Jack'd and he buzzed me after we left the building. Had we came here yesterday, the night wouldn't be this boring. If I were alone I was confident I will make full use of the night.

Did we do anything there? Nothing. Why?
1) It was his first visit to such gay site and he was nervous with the complexity of the building.
2) He is not an exhibitionist like me.
3) It's too dark and he can't see. Neither can I.
4) He can't even breathe properly without asthma inhaler.

Therefore we then moved on to our next destination where the actual fun began...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot