Thursday, May 2, 2013

Domino's Pizza

Good day Domino's Pizza team,

I had an online order for your Domino's pizza on the 25/04/2013 and the payment through credit card was successful at 05.28 p.m.. The order ID was 8278117.

I am writing this today to respond and convey my customer experience to above transaction.

I was waiting for my pizzas patiently that day. The pizzas were late!!! Nah that's OK, I have no issue with that. Really. All that I care was the pizzas to arrive safely, while they're hot and fresh from oven.

Knowing the rain was not pleasant and to ease things up, I prepare exact change for the delivery man. Two pieces of MYR 10 notes, a piece of MYR 5 note, one twenty cents and one five cents coins. Without a word, he accepted them and walked away.

Do you see where the problem was? It's ok. People as "smart" as I am found out 12 hours after the pizzas were down my throat. I immediately wrote an email to your team and explained my situation. To summarise, I paid with credit card upon ordering and again cash upon delivery. In another word, duplicated payments.

In the email itself I had highlighted that the cash was handed to him and I have no payment receipt from the delivery man. I know you may think that my claim was totally baseless. True enough, if you refuse to return me the money, I cannot complain much and nothing much I can do. My friends, knowing how "kiasu/ kiasi" I am, attempted to make me happy again by bringing me out for dinner. When I felt so hopeless, I receive a call that changed the evening.

Encik Jinq (that's how Domino's addresses me), sorry ya tadi hujan I tak nampak piza tu telah bayar. Nanti I balik pulangkan duit ya?

The delivery man, called me 7 hours after my email. And the hassle he had to go through to return my money exceeded my expectation! And I appreciate his integrity and honesty, though he could simply deny my claim and keep the money safely.

I do not know your name, I did not get from you earlier. Nor can I recognise you from just one glance. But who ever you are, I want you to be recognised by your manager/ supervisor/ person in charge of your good deed. The amount of refund may not be much to anyone, but the value lies in the morality of your staff who took the effort to resolve customer's mistake. I work in customer service and I understand the importance of recognition and compliments to any staffs in any industries.

This incident is a lesson for me. A lesson to tell me that money cannot taint the heart of a good man. Do not get me wrong. MYR 25.25 is not a hoo hah to me and I was about to give up had Domino's not refunded. I am sharing this 'coz Domino's impressed me. A lot!!!

Here, please express my gratitude and congratulation to the delivery man who attended my door house that day. He is the jewel in your group and I do not want him to be left unnoticed. Not to mention a manager who rang me this afternoon and check my satisfaction had done his job good by further follow up.

Kudos Domino's for your excellent pizzas and great staffs. You have left me a wonderful pizza experience, it's beyond the taste of marvelous pizzas. From this point, you have gained a new fan.

Thanks for reading

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