Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let's go everyone...!!! Back to the sea of adventure again!!! I came to take you home!!!

Just when the buster call was initiated, the Going Merry made her appearance for the crews desperate escape. The most touching scene in the 707 episodes of One Piece, the ship burial ceremony made me cried the 7th time now, no joke.

And now the Going Merry is "remodeled", in hope to cherish her values; It's all right. I will carry all of you, for a little while longer.

I had a hard time looking for her around KL. It wasn't easy to trust online stores either. Then I bet MYR 147.00 into, a site I found randomly through google search. Hesitated as I don't really trust something no one knows, the merchant was unexpectedly very efficient to deliver its good and service. This was evidenced when I received my Going Merry in just two working days. If you are a gundam fan, try this site. I am now a happy man~

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