Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stunning conversation

Ok this is my 3rd time calling Maybank in the year. All I want to know is the origin of funds. Example 31/  /2013.

Have a good read. 

Jino: I would like to know more about the credit transaction on 31/  /2013.
Maybank: It is money transferred into your account.
Jino: That is so obvious. Where was it transferred from?
Maybank: We would not know. You need to check with home bank.
Jino: How would I know who the home bank with just "SVG GIRO"?
Maybank: It is for you to figure out
Jino: ...

Jino: Then please tell me what "PYMT FRM A/C" on 28/  /2013 was.
Maybank: You can see from your statement.
Jino: If you can read my statement then please tell me what the payment was.
Maybank: You should know. You were the one who paid.
Jino: If I cannot recall?
Maybank: It is for you to figure out.
Jino: ...

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