Saturday, September 26, 2009

A forced hiatus

Streamyx's terminated last June. My another 'hurry' and promptly made decision, out of my anger without second thought. The only reason to bother about Streamyx is the RM 110 debt to be cleared (which I don't think I will pay).

Now that the line's terminated, I survive on Edwin's Streamyx. He's a good boy (puji first). Since he doesn't use the line in KL while he studies in Kampar, I muka tebally grabbed the line and used it as I wish. The bill is sent to his dad, not me. Again I muka tebally do not pay a cent for using his Streamyx. Not that I care though.

Problem always occur when he's back to KL. I have to return him the line 'coz he needs to online and play Restaurant City and Country Story. Without internet, I am a dead bored zombie. I am useless without internet. I am no one without internet. To be honest, I feel happier when he goes back Kampar 'coz by then I can connect to Facebook again (already puji, don't angry please >.<). Although I feel berat hati to let him go, I can't help to have that thought once awhile ^^. The problem do not arise until yesterday.

As of yesterday he came back for semester break. For 3 months straight he is staying here probably do nothing but to online whole day. As the title suggest, I lost the ability to online for free, thus a forced hiatus to everything including Facebook, blog, FYP research, hotmail, Bleach and Conan manga. I have basically lost my entire self. Now is your only chance to surpass me in Restaurant City, don't you think so? Yap Choon Khen XD. Miss the chance and you'll never have another.

Hopefully I can replace my Streamyx with more reliable service. My previous service was Streamyx 512kb at RM 66. I ain't paying more than that just for internet. I ain't paying services that bind me with their contracts as I might need to move house and in case the line's fixed. P1 first came to my thought. But I heard that RM 40 package is darn turtle slow. Optical Communication for my apartment cost RM 200 installation fees and contract of 2 years. I was thinking of DiGi broadband, as I received some compliments from its users. How true can they be, I still need to find out. Any suggestion, anyone?

But now I really regret terminating my 3+ years Streamyx without considering the consequences. Streamyx did not step on my tail. Although Streamyx is not a big hoo haa, I have no problem accessing all pages I wanted to. Yet I terminated it and all blames go to my mum. Therefore from now on I have to retreat from the internet world. Maybe I could use this time to purify my soul from the virtual addiction. Till I find a suitable internet provider service that can fulfill my expectation in terms of cost and speed, goodbye everyone. Hopefully it will not take long. I swear this hiatus is a boring and lonely one.

Whoever wants to contact me please do so via handphone (I totally doubt anyone will pay attention to what I write). Anyway just in case, dial my 016-6xxxxx3 if you need anything.

I humbly return the line to you, the real owner of Streamyx that I am currently using.

Till then, no more late ghost for me.

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