Friday, September 4, 2009


Time is slipping through our fingers like grains of sand.

Around the corner the final exam is. It is a big relief to finally get to the end of the semester. My mood is not at all impervious to the exam season. Not yet. Not yet.

From my past experience, I know myself too well. Insomnia. Biting Fingernails. These are the significant symptoms I uncontrollably show during my exam crisis. Being positive and persistent all the time are sometimes cliche. I made a stupid bet with Edwin that if I can keep my fingernails longer than 0.5cm by the end of semester, he would treat me Shogun! Conversely Jogoya or Tenji if I lose the bet. A month left for my nails to grow, -0.3mm to begin with.

Based on my experience again, 'visual' aphrodite works well on me. It simply keeps me awake for more than hours than falling asleep in the couch. This natural approach has shown no visible side effects yet, but it is definitely healthier than any medication in pharmacies. All in all it is what every man needs everyday. Do it moderately for a healthy lifestyle XD.

Have a look at my newly arranged timetable for my Year 3 Sem 1 final exams:

Sept 11: Enzymology II
Sept 18: Industrial Biochemistry
Sept 23: Immunology
Sept 28: Proteins and Proteomics
Sept 30: Instrumental and Analytical Biochemistry

Compared to last sem's schedule, I really love this schedule. We have ample of time to flip final revision. I mean AMPLE! But people like me, who do not appreciate time as much as presidents and deans, time is never enough. Lax in discipline, I term this.

My mum invites me for Japanese treat at Xenri D'Garden Terrace - Menara Hap Seng this Sunday, undeliberately. Usually my bro's her target while I am always left out. To be honest I am pretty surprised that I am asked to tag along. Can I safely assume that she's trying to be fair to me? Positively thought, it will be my last joy before I start to feel the sense of fear. So why not enjoy my day with her?

Besides that, on 1st Oct which is the day after my finals cum end of my semester, a planned trip up to Genting together with UTAR friends and my bf is what I anticipated the most.

In the next hour I am forced to change into GG mode. Nothing else but to study and enhance my reading and understanding in all the GGlogy. Till then, I have to cut my time on computer by 3 folds. That's a promise I made to myself.

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