Friday, May 15, 2009

Randomness before my leave (Part 1)

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When I tried at home, my hope was not granted. I couldn't enter the windows page. Damn!!! It's like in the afternoon!!! Why can they operate my computer while I can't? What's going on? This computer is functional in Mok's and Kam Seng's houses, but not mine? WTF?

Very pissed off, I carried the computer to Low Yat and seeked some services from the technicians. I mean next day. As I waited, I hoped that my computer was hopeless and I wanted bad news so badly, so that I can buy a new computer replacing it. However, the news I got after 2 days stunned me again. "Takde masalah. Sgt baik. Takde hang. Bunyi bising pun takde. " "Huh? Are you sure?" The technician showed me everything, on and off for 5 times without problem. I scratched my head very hard and paid RM 30 for his service, went home in disappointment. I thought I saw green light to buying a new one.

Who knows, maybe this room was cursed? After Low Yat, I tried to switch him on at home, but I suffered the same problem, again! Stuck in motherboard's page!!! WTF you want? Scratched till my head bald thinking of this fucking computer. My neighbour offered help, but I couldn't see how he could help. I accepted with nothing but courtesy to not reject.

Miraculously my computer was back to normal in his house -.-. As if a new computer, 'coz the technician in Low Yat formatted my computer. WTF? I carried the computer back my house and tried it myself, but I wasn't lucky. It did not work!!! Why the fuck can he work in all places but not my house?

This time I checked everything, from head to toes to inner organs. I tested the monitor, cables, sockets, wire, everything. I even vacuumed his balls. After few rounds of carrying here and there, thousand punches and slaps along the way, I managed to switch on this damn computer, finally (once in hundreds).

Once a while it did not work as I expected, but now I found a way just good to switch it on, without fail so far. I use this method till now, when it does not work. How do I do it? Read carefully...
I use magic words before I switch it on. What're the words? "如果你不听话,我丢掉你!" which literally means 'If you do not obey, I will throw you away!"
Do I talk to my computer? Yes I do, if it works, why not? I know, threaten a computer sounds silly.

However, after the long story, I still cannot determine the real problem behind my misery. I can't fully trust him like how we used to be anymore, not when the problem is not solved permanently. I wish I can get my own laptop in near future but my mama won't agree easily. She won't, if he is younger than 10 years old. Even if I have a chance to own a new one, I won't throw this computer away. After all, he is my baby no. 1...

Date of Purchase: 15 November 2005
Processor: Intel P4 3.0 GHz (775)
Motherboard: ASUS P5RD1-V Mainboard
FDD: Samsung 1.44 MB FDD
Memory: 512 MB DDRAM
HDD: 120 GB (SATA/ 7200 rpm/ 8Mb)
Graphic Card: Intergrated
Sound Card: Intergrated
Modem: Aztech 56k Internal Modem
CD/ DVD/ RW: LG 16x DBD ROM and Samsung 18x DVD Writer
Casing: Hec 6128 + 3000 watts power supply
Monitor: Samsung 793DF Flat Monitor
Accessories: P/S 2 Keyboard and optical mouse
TOTAL: RM 2,200.00

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