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Plight, flight & sight - Day 3 (21st May)

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He learned his lesson yesterday. He woke up on my second attempt ^^. The resort we stayed in was RM 79 per night including breakfast for 2. Though the food was simple, it's enough to supply energy for our next adventure. If there's a complain, it'll be that their half-boiled eggs were served cold, that's quite disgusting. At first I thought they're hard-boiled egg -.-"'.

Simple breakfast to activate the morning

Eagle Square + Legend Park
Today's plan would be to complete what we were unable to complete the days before. By 9 a.m. after checked out, we left for Kuah Jetty again, this time was along with the cameraman, since we were not able to visit Legend Park on Day 2. Again the morning was greeted by heavy rain and lightning storm. But we're determined. This time round we snapped better view of the eagle, thanks to our cameraman. Luck was not with us, though. Our return to Legend Park wasn't fruitful due to the same reason - maintenance.

We were back, to Eagle Square for better view

Legend Park under maintenance. Shit!

Waited for rain to stop

On the way returning to cable car, we rushed and passed by Kuah town Coco Valley for a very-rush-last-minute chocolate shopping. Watch out for expiry date. They are not cheap for nothing.

Look Out Point
Curious to the Look Out Point along the way to cable car since the first day of visit, we paid the place a visit, just to find out that it's a crappy place to stop by. Another time-wasting venue like Black Sand Beach.

View from Look Out Point. I can see nothing.

At the footsteps of Look Out Point. The rocks were better than the peak!

Simply a reminder to fast drivers; road to cable car can be very curvy and steep

Cable Car
We were so worried that the cable car was not operational due to the rain earlier. Nevertheless we gambled our way there for we had nothing to lose. Upon arrival, we were notified that cable car was down till 12 p.m., or later, depending on the changing climate. Disappointingly we left the ground at 11 a.m. for we had a plane to catch next, we could not wait longer than that. An advice to those who are interested with the cable car; it is best to call the ticket counter before heading there, to make sure it is operating.

The Loaf
The day was still early for us to board our 2.15 p.m. flight, The Loaf popped our head, whilst we had our lunch in The Loaf, intuitively. At first I thought we'd buy 1 or two, just for the taste and experience of tasting the infamous The Loaf. But once we reached there we couldn't hold but laid our itchy fingers on the food. Unconsciously we're at the counter while the waiter handed us the change. At the same time we applied for its membership at RM 10, for some benefits we deem worthy. Our lunch today was nevertheless the costliest meal in Langkawi. The sensation of mouthwatering chicken ham pastry, creamy U-Hu-Hu cheese cakes, aromatic Epi bacons, tender and soft in texture gallette, crispy German potato... Nyam nyam. They did a good job in serving fresh pastries and I like it!

The Loaf

Edwin in The Loaf

Enjoying the ambiance

These much = RM 38.85

Langkawi International Airport
After stomping The Loaf for taking revenge on cable car (both are not related actually), satisfyingly we left for airport back to KL. At noon 1 we reached the airport and handed the rental car back to the respective owner, soon to realize that our flight got delayed to 3.30 p.m.. Smacked my head so hard! I could have catch the cable car! But everything's too late. Here we were, in the airport for 2 hours and 30 minutes for nothing *pissed*.

Langkawi International Airport

Edwin was reading Mitch Albom's For One More Day. Maju sial...

Calculating expenses of the trip and cam-ed whore

The Loaf was not enough. A meal is not a meal without rice, he says.

After checked in, our flight Air Asia AK 5327 was announced delay for another 30 minutes. Haiz... I'd never expected a double delay, and that made me double pissed. I was already freaking tired for the trip. How could they?

Cute acting before flying back to KL

I had a good sleep until their landing woke me up. Again I had the pain in ear and head upon landing. Good thing was, the child who was sitting 4 seats away from my left suffered the same pain. Another good thing was, his papa taught him the remedy. Quite handy I must say, to be honest. I managed to copy and escape the pain. The pain reduced very much. The technique used was: Shut your mouth and nose and blow as hard as you can. "This way you can blow out the air from your head," says the papa.

Giant plasma tv placed at LCCT luggage belt, 'coz they knew we will be bored waiting.
Jamie Scott - 淋雨中

How we came, that's how we're going back. We'd to take the 1 hour bus journey back to KL Sentral and then by switching LRT we made our way home. How I wish I could escape the exhausting journey, to have someone fetch me home right from LCCT. By the time I reached home, clock ticked 8 p.m.. After long days of outing, I definitely need more rest than anyone else.

Stay tune for the finale of Plight, flight & sight.

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