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Plight, flight & sight - Day 2 (20th May)

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Pantai Cenang
Initially the plan was to wake up early 7 a.m. to get ready for beach strolling and beach fun in Pantai Cenang. Knowing him a pig, I estimated 30 minutes delay will do. But who can predict that much? 4 alarms're thrown in, yet it took me extra an hour just to budge him from his slumber *angry*.

A sand castle - not us built

Caught a krabby

Sand art

Reaching the end of the beach

By 9.25 a.m. we're done in the beach and headed back to our rest house to bathe. Besides padlock, my luggage bag gave me another problem; the zip was now broken! It took another couples of ten minutes to fix it, temporary. *angry*.

Restoran Harum
We didn't look down on the breakfast nearby, in fact I'd expected this to happen; they slaughtered tourists for simple breakfast.

Curry chicken + tomato egg + rice (RM 8), roti telur (RM 1.50)

Underwater World
Next we walked to Underwater World, opposite Restoran Harum where we had our breakfast earlier.
Entrance fee into Underwater World for Mykad holder was RM 28 per person. Generally there were a lot of species exhibited but for a simple ton such as me, a simple glance and picture taking of some creatures that I like were more than enough. I got CHEATED!!! There's student price for Underwater World and it's only RM 22!!! Darn I should have shown my student card! Source from Chu - edited and added 31 May 2009

Underwater World, located at Jalan Pantai Cenang

Arapaima greeted us at the entrance

Say hello to Garfish aka Ikan Buaya and Red Tail Cat Fish

In Tropical Rainforest section; Piranha and Greater Flamingo

Macaw and more fishes

This darn attention-seeking bird walked up and down in high speed to draw more cameras towards him, known as Yellow Golden Pheasant

This South African Fur Seal cannot stay still

Rockhopper penguins

In the sub-antartic section, hugged giant penguin

Be warned of their 3D animation, as it's suck and pointless. It was my first time on 3D animation and I had unpleasant experience. A crappy 10 minutes movie explaining about Ctenurella wasn't interesting at all.

Waiting for 3D theatre

MIB in 3D theatre

Seashell display

Clockwise: Sea urchin, stone fish, Patrick starfish, mushroom obor-obor

Waterfall. Nice view?

A Biotechnology student enjoying himself with marines

Sea otter. I like it.

Unknown, but beautiful

Cute nemo playing with coral (my favourite)

Majestic Leafy Seahorse

Well, enough to say, we paid for almost 2 hours and 30 minutes and enjoyed everything in the exhibition hall. Quite worth the time to visit such place, especially when you were mesmerized by their charming fins and scales, I definitely did.

Exiting the Underwater World was the Coco Valley, a place selling variety of chocolates and liquor. My mum said that they offer the best price compared to many other shops. Quickly we grabbed our chocolates according to the list prepared from home and rushed to check in into our hotel. And so, we skipped our lunch.

Twin Peaks Island Resort
We would be staying over Twin Peaks Island Resort tonight. Let me just briefly promote this resort, for they provided us a clean and low rate room. Consisting of 71 chalet type of rooms, the resort is located only 3km from Kuah Jetty and 15km from the airport. Fully furnished with dressing table, decorative lights wardrobe, king sized beds, fridge, TV, air-conditioners, wide-view windows, sofas, coffee table, hot and cold shower and other comforts, their chalets are tastefully decorated and designed to enhance complete relaxation and comfort of yours. I think this should be more than enough.

Twin Peaks Island Resort

Eagle Square + Legend Park
Wasting no time, we rushed to Kuah, the main city of Langkawi for more pictures taking. On the way we threw in another RM 15 of petrol to last till the end of our trip. As we rushed we forgot to bring along our cameraman. Too clumsy... We would be hanging around Jetty Point longer if it did not rain and the Legend Park wasn't closed down for maintenance. What can we do under the rain? You tell me?

Had a refreshing coconut before continuing the journey

Kuah Jetty was going to get hit by thunderstorm!

Self take picture in Eagle Square

Wildlife Park
We proceeded Wildlife Park where we get to see more birds from closer range, to enjoy touching them and feeding them. Entrance fee was RM 12 per person, and there was feeding food sold at RM 6 per packet at the entrance. When you walk deeper, they will sell more food for the animals. Well, not all animals were allowed feeding, 'coz wild animals bite! Ouch... By the time we graced there, the rain had stopped, and it did not even last 10 minutes =.=.

He sat at the entrance all day

They are icons for Faber Castell

Do not miss to take pictures with it

Feeding session

More and more of feeding cuties ^^

Wild birds around the parks. Some names are not known.

Pig-faced ass baboon and Japan koi

Cutest little rabbit. The way he strangle the rabbit will kill it in 5 minutes...

Towards the closure of the park we pleaded for the 'RM 5 and take all you want' photography session

This time Wildlife Park was more time consuming compared to Underwater World, as we spent almost 3 hours walking up and down the park. As if we're out of cage. Camera battery almost dried up too after Underwater World, another 3 hours observation in Wildlife Park caused the camera to beep red light like Ultraman. We had to spend the remaining camera power very wisely and carefully.

Black Sand Beach
We wanted to drop by Galeria Perdana so much (actually, it's just me, not us) but the place was closed early at 5 p.m.. Damn Wildlife Park took us so long. After a smooth and scenic drive, we finally arrived at Black Sand Beach at 6 p.m.. To our disappointment, the beach was filthy dirty and smelly, one can fall and die there if he stays for more than 10 minutes. Other tourists around too complained the same. Shame on you! Wasted my petrol all the way here. But no doubt, their sand was black, I wonder why. We stayed not longer than 10 minutes 'coz we didn't want to die and rot there... Again, shame on you! Why can't they do something regarding this tourist attraction? Anyway we collected the black sand back home.

Black Sand Beach. Can you see the word 'DIRTY'?

Wednesday Pasar Malam
Our dinner tonight was food in night market in Kuah town. Due to tight budget we couldn't afford heavy gourmet anymore, so night market should be fine. By 7 p.m. we took away everything back to resort for more comfy tigers-appetide dinner.

Oily burger goreng (RM 1.20) - Left
Mihun mee goreng + egg RM 2 (Just a filler) - Right

Murtabak and rose syrup RM 2 - Left
Popia goreng RM 1 for 4 - Right

Nasi lemak kukus + bilis + telur + ayam RM 4 (Main dish) - Left
Putu mayong RM 2 (Dessert) - Right

Night activity was limited, and we called it a day very early. But in fact the night was still young, we indeed had some night activity before we dozed off...

Stay tuned for the next episode of Plight, flight & sight.

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