Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anniversary of embroil

Time flies, 365 days ago I made a promised that I proudly uphold with honour and pride, to now. Several 'agendas' went sink, but tarry not longer we rekindled. Can you believe it? Our strength and affection hold us together. I'm constantly reminded of the blessings you have brought me and the way you'd opened the door to another state of ecstasy and future in all areas of my life.

I may not give you the happiest anniversaries, I may not able to hold party for today, I can't afford any present that symbolize our day. But I will let you take away my essence of life, in your shining armor, on your white horse, back to your castle. It may not be a pure bliss but what's important is that we're both learning and growing... as partners for life. No one has supported me more than you in all my endeavours.

Although it's the same May 12th, it's a well lot of difference than last year. Exactly a year ago today, on a loving bright day was a simple celebration at home, to put on my 1st ring in my life, to make a video that is confidential to be shared while marking another momentous history in calendar. It's the day we vowed to love, honour and cherish for the rest of our lives.

Today our love sharpened through the process of making sushi. Though it wasn't as smooth as expected, hot temper and temperature weather initiated argument and broke the bond temporarily, but the sushi taste good. To my belief, the taste is nothing great compared to the process of doing things together, where the smile after each food enter your mouth pays everything.

p/s: The cost for sushi ingredients peaked to RM 100! Might as well choose Sakae's teatime buffet?

I am so sorry for my outburst this afternoon. My irrationality caused damage to you. And thanks for forgiving me so easily.

Alas, as I always thought, and as you said, I am the luckiest guy to be able meet such a good guy like you...

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