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Plight, flight & sight - Day 1 (19th May)

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The day had drawn near. I couldn't sleep the whole night, excitedly waited the next dawn. Early 6 a.m. I made my last round of luggage checking, ensuring that I had not missed anything. Later I met up with Edwin in Masjid Jamek LRT, and together we headed to KL Sentral for shuttle bus to KLCC. We have choices of either Skybus or Aerobus to LCCT, and we chose Aerobus 'coz it's 1 buck cheaper. I wish there's a Limo transfer pick up, 'coz taking an hour bus journey to LCCT was heck tiring. But financially I have to bear the low cost travelling :(

BKG 9016 - Our Aerobus

I expected our arrival to LCCT to be 2 hours earlier, for the scheduled flight was on 11.25 a.m., the check in counter opened 2 hours before departure. Perhaps the bus moved so fast, that we reached much earlier than expected. Soon our flight was delayed to 12 p.m. (as I expected). Early is better than late, I think...

In front of LCCT

LCCT was so small and crowded, yet we have ample time to free and easy. Breakfast in LCCT McD is just as killing as any airport - so expensive! There's no way else to waste the time besides reading and wandering through the area.

Super expensive breakfast in LCCT McD

Hanging around till our flight departure

We will be flying on Air Asia, the world's best low cost airline. The flight departed sharp 12 p.m. after delay, and reached its destined location within an hour. Not to forget that this would be my first time on a plane. I couldn't describe how excited I was, how nervous I was, how blur I was, how noob I was. It was also my first try to see clouds from close proximity and to look down from the clouds.

First time flying!

In the clouds

Besides suffering head and ear pain probably due to air pressure when landing, overall the flight was quite good. The seats were not smelly and the plane was new. If we don't compare with other bigger and high class planes, Air Asia was really worth the price. Now everyone can fly ^^.

Waiting to exit the plane

Langkawi International Airport
Upon arrival, Langkawi was hit by heavy rain. While waiting for the luggage on the luggage belt, I went to the car rental booth to check out the price. The prices were very competitive due to low season. We rented a Proton Wira auto gear at RM 120 for 3 days (19/5 1.20 p.m. - 21/5 1.00 p.m.; practically less than 48 hours) from Gerteknik counter. One of the good things about this car were that the maximum speed it can go was 60 km/h, no matter how hard you step on the oil pedal. Secondly was a slight step on the brake pedal, and the car stops immediately. A very safe car, indeed but gives a head pain to those fast drivers following behind me.

Our 'horse' Wira KV 450 C

Right after we loaded our luggage into the car and claimed some free maps, we rushed to check in into Cenang Rest House. We overshot the house 3 times, 'coz the place was well hidden and no obvious signboard as direction. The rate for a night was RM 70 for a semi-spooky air-conditioned 'nest' with a queen bed and attached bathroom without basin. It's a budget sleeping place at the cost of slightly creepy and dirty, but it was an afford-to-sleep place, no matter how you say.

Our 'nest' for the 1st night

Cenang Rest House
We faced difficulty after checked in, not 'coz of the room, but 'coz of my luggage bag. You see, I put a padlock at my bag for safety precaution, but it was destroyed in the inner part by Air Asia. I tried using ancient way such as hitting the lock with stone but it wouldn't work. Now that my bag could not be unlocked, I had to cut my bag from other compartment. Such a headache... Lesson of the day: invest on a better padlock.

We strolled along Cenang beach for a while before proceeding our plan. As expected, the water was not so clear but was definitely 3 times better than Port Dickson. And now the rain had finally ceased, for the moment.

Pantai Cenang

Our petrol tank was empty when the car was handed to us, so the first thing to do after checked in was to fill up the tank. RM 20 should be enough for the first day, so I thought. Unfortunately we broke into arguments and spoiled the journey temporary due to navigation to petrol station.

Seven Wells
We moved to Seven Wells aka Telaga Tujuh by 3 p.m., located in the north-western corner of Langkawi. The waterfall is so named 'coz the cascading waters are broken by a series of seven natural pools. Legend has it that fairies used to come down to the waterfall to bathe and frolic. At least that's what stated in the guide book. WTF they charged me RM 2 for parking! Oh yea we grabbed a Kit Kat for some glucose 'coz we skipped our lunch unintentionally.

Passed by Island Horses and snapped his butt

Monkeys in Telaga Tujuh. I think monkeys in Daya Bunting are cuter

On the way up Telaga Tujuh

Some beauty of nature

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall

We climbed higher the staircases 'coz we still didn't see any well yet. Climbed and climbed, we reached the first camp stop of the mount. Any higher was a jungle trekking, and a tour guide was needed. However we couldn't spot the mysterious Telaga Tujuh at all. May it be up above the hiking track? Or probably we saw but didn't know how to identify? Haha...

Still going up; Posing while resting

First pit stop - nice view ^^

Basically we came here without achieving the main objective of the walk - to see the seven wells. Overall an hour spent on climbing and sweating and mosquitoes bites...

Oriental Village + Cable Car
By 4.45 p.m. we left the area for Oriental Village nearby Burau Bay, and then to the Cable Car in hope of catching sunset scenery from higher ground.

In Oriental Village; Entrance of car park B, Geopark Hotel and Krathong Thai Restaurant

Goose or swan? In Oriental Village's lake.

But upon arrival the cable car was under maintenance from 19 to 20th May. WTF? Meaning I can only enjoy the view on my 3rd day, the day I need to fly back to KL? WTF?

Sohai under maintenance

We had no choice but to loiter around Oriental Village for longer time, a sudden change of plan. Actually, besides sight seeing there's nothing that could catch our attention, 'coz shopping is not normal for us. Oriental Village was not a place for us to stay long, so we decided to rest at our rest house.

Pantai Kok
On the way back, we accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up in Pantai Kok, another beach of Langkawi. So we did some sight seeing again, for we have too much time till dinner.

Pantai Kok

Edwin: I saw an Eagle!; Jino: Enjoying the beachy breeze.

Telaga Harbour Park
We thought that we could skip our lunch for a better dinner, but it seems we couldn't escape the temptation of Cheezy Wedges in Petronas Quay, Telaga Harbour Park.

We were at Telaga Harbour Park

Irresistable Cheezy Wedges extra extra cheese

Cenang Rest House + The Zon Shopping Paradise
The day get darker for any longer we spent outside. 7 p.m. and we were back to Cenang Rest House to bathe and rest and roll on bed and fall asleep for awhile. Later we headed to our planned dinner location. Along the way we stopped by The Zon Shopping Paradise, adjacent to Underwater World but couldn't stay long for price surveying 'coz they closed as early as 9 p.m.. From what I see, their chocolates were slightly more expensive than I expected.

Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant
From other bloggers, they recommended me Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant for they serve best fried calamaris aka sotong and homemade tofu in town. I put my trust into them and wanted to try them myself 'coz I like sotong a lot. However the restaurant ran out of tofu on that day, WTF? You didn't make then say run out of stock? Alasan... We ordered crab instead. The dinner was RM 41.40 included 2 rice and 2 juices.

Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant
734, Jalan Teluk Baru,
Kampung Tasik Anak,
07000 Langkawi.

Edwin was bored waiting in hunger while I cam-ed whore

Fried sotong and sweet and sour flower crab

Tuesday Pasar Malam
The night was still young, we tried Tuesday night market at Padang Matsirat but Langkawi folks are just like Cameron people, early to rest early to rise. By the time we reached the night market they were already closing their stalls. We could only grab apam balik which was as hard as a stone.

Stone cold apam balik

Pantai Cenang Road
Not satisfied with our performance tonight, we took a walk outside along Pantai Cenang Road while to get familiar with the road. Besides food stalls, other shops were closed. People on the road were getting lesser. As the night was getting darker, we called it a day, the time was 11.30 p.m.. We couldn't wait for the more exciting adventure next day.

Night walk along the road

Stay tuned for the next episode of Plight, flight & sight.

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