Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Holiday cum Happy Mothers Day (Part 2) - End

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The next dish to end the day was a dessert that consume most of the time for preparation. How can a celebration be considered valid without a cake?

Title: Jino's Special Cheese Cake (Dessert)
Objective: To produce a cheese cake for Mothers Day.
65 g marie biscuit, crushed
65 g melted butter (not soften)
50 g grated coconut, fried till fragrant

250 g cream cheese, softened
65 g icing sugar
65 g evaporated milk
125 ml thick coconut milk
125 ml whipping cream, whipped to white and stiff
2 tbsp fresh pandan juice
38 g gelatin powder, mixed with 40 ml water, steam to dissolve

  1. All crust ingredients were combined, pressed at the bottom of baking pan, and brought to chill in refrigerator for 2 hours.
  2. Cream cheese and icing sugar were beaten together till fluffy.
  3. Evaporated milk and thick coconut milk were added in accordingly, bit by bit and mixed well.
  4. Whipped cream was added in later, together with pandan juice and gelatin.
  5. The filling was poured into the baking pan earlier, and brought to chill for at least 6 hours.


Picture 1: Jino's Special Cheese Cake after 6 hours chilling

Picture 2: Interior look of Jino's Special Cheese Cake

The convenient part of the dessert was that the cake did not need any oven baking. Simplified version of cake making, suitable for everyone who has difficulty in baking a cake. But correct equipments are important for efficient process.

The cake had jelly-like biting sensation most probably due to overused of gelatin in the dessert. It was not deniable that the whipping cream was not whipped properly during the process, causing texture obstruction.

The baking pan used was slightly oversize, causing insufficient crust ingredients to spread around, reduced the thickness of the crust. An 8" inches diameter baking pan is more recommended.

If follows correctly the cake was supposedly green in colour as the colouration of pandan juice. But it may due to insufficient pandan juice used that cause the lack of pandan aroma in the cake besides colouration. Small chances of error in extracting pandan juice process could help as factor.

Some decoration will definitely increase the score.

Precaution steps:
Grated coconut must not be fried under high fire to avoid scorch.
The butter used must be melted first before mixing with biscuit and grated coconut. Unmelted or softened butter will cause uneven mixing of the crust.
The gelatin poured into the mixture must be remained hot to avoid immediate solidifying, so that the cake can solidify at proper texture.

There's definitely room for improvement but I couldn't give more than 50 marks.

It's sad that I never do such thing for my own mama, but I did da pao some back for her. That's the best I could do, for my financial status really lagging me. She should be enjoying herself in Langkawi by now...

The dinner came to be last minute Mothers Day celebration plan for Edwin and his mama, while I just helped out for the day. This year my Mothers Day was busy with preparing the meal, from purchasing ingredients to washing dishes and chopping and cutting. All efforts paid off with a single smile on his mama, when he's happy I cannot be not happy ^^...

Anyway, I was just a kitchen helper, remember? So the chef took the blame for the marks, correct?

May culinary skills embarked my holiday season... But 'cooking makes you so sissy' - Chu Chun Hong.

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