Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the Bon Odori - 18 July

Hahaha I feel asleep while writing this. Too tired last night.

Ever since its first debut, I hated that series as much as I hated G. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the same as the previous - never up to expectation. The story in whole is way too different from the original Rowling creation. And that is also why I detest everyone who wants to watch it so badly. I told aloud it sucks. I warned its boring. I reminded everyone it's a waste of money. Those people who don't know, they follow the trend blindly and 'enjoy' the sucky Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Then they claim how magnificent it was. I sarcastically applaud their experience. Good for them. But sometimes we can't oppose anything when it comes to fate. No matter how hard my heart wanted Ice Age 3, the desperado never gives up on Harry Potter. And I gave in to Albus Dumbledore instead of Harry Potter after preaching.

The story was just fine, not much battle and action scenes to be expected. I only read the book once and don't have good memory to the books. The whole book itself serves as an intermediate of the next finale and that is why I find it quite dull. But if my memory serves me correctly, the first year students are not allowed to join Quidditch team but in the movie Harry is seen holding a tryout session with the freshmen in the field. Did the movie get the book wrongly? Or was it me wrong? And before Dumbledore is confronted by Malfoy in the Astronomy Tower, Harry is paralyzed by Dumbledore, according to the book. Now, how does Harry hold his wand and ready for Malfoy's counter attack, as illustrated in the movie if he's supposedly stunned? And before Harry is leaving with Dumbledore to retrieve the Horcrux, Harry supposedly hands the remainder Felix Felicia over to Ron or Hermione, either one in case of Malfoy's foul play. But did I see Harry gulped everything in the earlier scene? I think the director modified a lot for his own convenience.

The most remarkable scene in the whole movie, I personally think the best of the 153 minutes was Dumbledore fends off the monsters in the lake when retrieving the Horcrux. I love any character that is wise and powerful. Such as Yoda in Starwars, Professor X in X-Men. In this case, Dumbledore. The scene is covered with fire ring by Dumbledore, despite his weakened body in order to protect noob Harry from danger. Very nice burning flame, that is his last play as the most powerful wizard, that's our headmaster of Hogwarts. Besides that I don't see other good scenes. None. You think newly appointed Potion master Slughorn is funny? Muahaha 'so funny'. Do you see the hatred of the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor Snape to Harry? No he does not show at all. 'Coz there is no mention any of his classes in the whole movie. The director did so badly in squeezing the book into a 2-hours movie, that the movie looks so horrible.

Oh oh oh by the way... there was one good thing Harry brought to us. In the midst of the crowd leaving the cinema hall, we found a RM50 note on the floor, which was used to subsidize car park and lunch later.

We rushed for Bon Odori after nice sleep in cinema. Panasonic Sports Complex was the venue for the 33rd Bon Odori 2009. For the sake of enjoying the Japanese festival for once, we drove more than 24km, up to the very unfamiliar Shah Alam. Arghh!!! MY PETROL!!!

No pics 'coz camera died before the festival started.

The brilliant driver (me) got us there safely. Surprisingly, we did not lose our way there! By the time we reached it's 6p.m., looking for a near parking space is hard. Maybe this is KL's Bon Odori, I see no fun at all.

Firstly I hate crowded area and the place was flocked with Malaysian and Japaneses, all over the place. I found myself suffocating. Ochlophobia? I don't like festivals and countdowns. If it's for 林宇中, I will probably consider XD.

Secondly, entertainment wise, there wasn't any games for us. I expected some traditional Japanese games such as goldfish scooping goldfish or spinning top but we could only spot a huge tent selling rubber balls. The organizer can at least prepare a cotton candy stall or a mask stall which makes the place more Japanese atmosphere. The only entertainment was the boring and repeating traditional dance throughout the 2 hours festival. There's no telling how I behave if Doraemon was there... There's firework in Penang's. Did KL have his? I left early so I wasn't sure.

Thirdly the food sold was not really attractive. Besides slightly overcharge which I care less, the taste was... quite ok la. Considering the food being prepared by students, right?

The day was interrupted at 7 p.m., when he saw someone. And because of that so happen that I saw him too, I cannot help feeling uncomfortable. My heart felt unease. I don't like him. Sorry for being emo. Change topic - weather. Not sure the real reason, the haze was so terrible on that day. Wait! Was it flying sand? Or was it cooking smoke? No sign of raining but the sky wasn't nice that day. My friend says a lot of lengzai lenglui walking around and he enjoyed cruising the place. Unfortunately I was so tired my eyes cannot see anything. Where's the camera!!!

We left the place about 15 after 8 due to unsustainable fatigue. But we had more dinner at Kuchai Lama and to have 烧鸡翼 at Kuchai Road instead going home for rest. This was also the moment I think my spirit rose highest in the day - 'coz of food? Finally 海底燕窝 at Edwin's house and overnight marked the end of 18th July. And... that's not the end yet ngek ngek.

How's Bon Odori? That's my 1st experience for me. Not bad but not a good one either.

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