Friday, October 3, 2008

Clean car - 03 Oct

Do you know how annoying is it to wake up early in the morning when I am having my holiday break? It's super dulan. If it's because of my alarm that wakes me up, I think it's fine. If it's because lunch time has come, I am fine too. But if it's because someone trampled on you while you snore to slumber, how can you not be annoyed? It's paranoid. I told you many times, becareful as I am not like you to have your own room, I am sleeping on the floor, so don't step on me!!!

Haiz what to do? Already woke up. This is the first time I woke up this early for this holiday. So far the earliest la. It's only 10 am wei! Ok lor, I wash my car. How long has it been since I said I want to wash my car? Hmm... I did mention after exam. So it was like a week passed and now I am going to wash my car. Wee~ paiseh paiseh. Walao so long never wash car since April. Huhuhu there's improvement of 6 months. Compared to last time? Wash car every Chinese New Year eve!!! I still remember the last time I washed my car, I was very angry. Play till late night and still don't want to go home. Do you know how worry I was? Don't you know how dangerous it is outside? But what's done is done. I am over it on that day itself. So why bother thinking back ^^ ?

My car is the 8 year old Iswara. Looks older than it supposingly is. Haiz... Seeing it makes me no mood to wash actually. Why do I want to wash my car? Because I beh tahan of the ants in my car. I don't know why there are ants. Not to forget cockroaches in my car! Walao who dare to travel in my car, anyone? How to pikat people with this car? So I have no choice but to wash and clean it. Very clean, clean or selamba clean, given it's cleaned. 1 hour had gone. After washing and drying the car, a bird shit dropped right in front of me. Really du kao lan!!! Kill kao you ar!!! Stupid birds have no other place to poo ar!!! Why always shit on my car!!! Brainless birds... I hate birds.

To change topic, I really wished to see 林宇中's mv for his new songs. The album available now has no mv in it. Is there another version (with mv) coming out? If my imagination is true, I have only cucumber to eat everyday. Probably less than a cucumber. Cd to buy, his concert, Genting trip. Money not enough 3...

These 2 are the only new songs that can be found in KTV so far. 干物女 and 远远. Worth listening and watching. Hope there are more songs in the list. Enjoy...

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