Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Resolution

Do you still remember how did you celebrate your previous new years? It's practically hard for us since we could not even remember the dinner we had the previous night.

But all I could do with my rusty brain, is none other than memorizing. Be it good or bad. Xmas, New Year. They seem to be none other than ordinary public holidays to me. Time passes by as usual, a cat never barks, sun shines brightly... Nothing unusual even when the year draws nearer to its end. Unless you are talking bout the economy crisis we are facing now, there might be changes either back to the stable line or keep on plummeting. But the 1st agenda that I am anticipated for next year is January 17th by-election in Kuala Terengganu. Malaysia politics can never go any better. But I still want to see changes in the long-dominated BN country. If the alternative coalition wins the Kuala Terengganu battle, we will be expecting an exciting show in the 13th general election.

What am I doing now? Where am I right now? I am at home. My favourite idol 林宇中 is on the stage together with thousands of people in The Curve Damansara to countdown. Isn't it curious to know of why am I still at home, not in The Curve Damansara?

Countdown. Is that what everyone does every eve of new year? As for myself, I started going for such event since 2007. What is so nice to countdown? Countdown in Sg Wang every new year eve is like so common among KLites. What's so nice to countdown? You are sandwiched and soaked with sweat in the crowd, making you so uncomfortable, puke and headache. PA system can even blast off your ear drum from miles away. Everyone is sprayed with spraying party foam as if Malaysia's snowing and then you can see police officers start to spoil the atmosphere. However you get to listen to your favourite artists, but that's all?

I excused myself from attending any special countdown thereafter. 2008 eve was the day I celebrated peacefully, in Sg Siput cyber cafe. But still, no matter large street parties or mini countdown in front of TV, new year will still come and new year will never look back to wait for you. As new year approaches, we should graciously welcome him. Any celebration is nothing more than sore enjoyment without meaning behind it. Imagine we are celebrating happily, bang of fireworks exploded in the sky at the stroke of midnight, shouts of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and cheers, while people in Africa are starving and natural disasters claimed many lives. Not my problem anyway.

So 林宇中 or whoever going to countdown at such large scale party celebration, is not my problem. Not anymore...

How a new year bring any meaning to me, it can only be the past year's achievement or failure. A successful past year is the commemoration of the new year. A failing year comes to grief. Any achievement or failure, responsibility are on the shoulders individually.

Whether we celebrate in a simple manner, or in a large scale event, a new year will eventually come and go. For me, 2008 is the best year that I could hope for, but of 'coz the future years will overwrite 2008 as the best year in my life.

2009 is 5 minutes away. Although I don't pray, I hope my family, my beloved, all my friends, readers or anyone who is somehow related to me to be happy, cheerful, stay positive, smile all the time. Positive thinking is a good lead for a new year. As time goes, we must no longer linger around but focus on growing into more mature individual, regardless amount of effort being put in.

A new year~
A new start~
A new chapter~
A new beginning~
Forget the bad~
Cherish the good~
Wishing all of you a great HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009~
May all your wishes come true~

Thank you.

How would a New Year mean anything to you?

My outfit for 2009. Looks like Harry Potter, no?

As I could only identify my resolution indefinitely, what I damn sure is to go on with life, unregretably.

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