Friday, March 6, 2009



Biochemistry Year 2 Sem 2 Group 1 2009 剩下不多人. 从22个人之中(有一个不是人来的),在未来两年还可以约出去一起喝茶的只剩下5位。目前还有5位单生朋友啦。多两年就不定咯。虽然是这样,我也会替他们高兴。至少他们找到了爱人,有机会可以白头到老,是种幸福啊。。。

废gang成员当中,只剩下Seng Seng和我是。。。哈哈哈。habis咯。要去喝喜酒都去到pokai咯 ^^。

What's good with GFs? GF suka suka angry, suka suka merajuk, suka suka gila. GF will only find you when problems arise. GFs finds you only when they need your help. GF won't even talk to you when there's no necessary to do so. GFs are small gas. GFs are too calculative. GFs like to waste money on nothing and expect us to pay (may vary from individuals). Is this the GFs that all of us are looking for?

Let me introduce someone more worthy than GFs. Introducing... BFs!!! When you need someone, they will lend you shoulders. When you are in trouble, they will be sitting next to you. When you have nothing to do, they will be here to entertain you. When you have something interesting to share, you will think of them first. When you have extra money, you will think of what to belanja them. BFs touch your soul not just your heart. BFs wont pms for no reason. BFs won't suka suka merajuk or gila. BFs are cincai cincai, uncalculative. BFs are more loyal then GFs. With BFs, we can be ourselves. We hope with and believe with BFs. Some how BFs look prettier than GFs (maybe because of how they treat me). BFs are more important than GFs, regardless of boys or girls. No matter how absurd it may look, I found my BF and my BF haha... Cool, huh? For me, now BF is the most important!!!

A Good Friend will come bail you out of jail, but a Best Friend will be sitting next to you saying... "Damn, that was fun!"

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot