Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another try, fall in love...

1st try on Spritzer Tinge Fruit Fusion when it was launched last year with Rynn Lim and Marsha Milan as new brand ambassadors. What happen to Daniel Lee? Who cares?

1st tried - bought at 7-11, RM 1.80. But to tell frankly, the taste really sucky. Till then I never bother to try Tinge anymore, no matter how supportive I am to Rynn.

Recently there're new packaging for Tinge with images of them. After seeing them, there're many designs just for 2 types of flavoured drinks. Marketing tactics, and it works perfectly on people like me. So I bought 2 bottles of different flavours.

Knowing the taste, I didn't bother to try them. I was thinking of keeping them unopened as collections (maybe will become limited edition?).

Mum thought they are some kind of mineral water, she opened one, and slightly gave a compliment.

Huh? APASAL U BUKAK? But nice ke? Cuba dulu...
Gulp... gulp... gulp...
Eii not bad wor... What is this? Lemon. Really not bad wor... Sweet sweet mildly, sour sour mildly. Flavour not too strong. Not bad ar...

Mum opened another bottle. As expected, sucks...

Conclusion: Spritzer Tinge lemon is nice and I like it ^^. But fruit fusion... too bad it sucks. Come on!!! Support RYNN!!!

瓶盖 - Tinge 广告主题曲

专属的瓶盖 为瓶口存在
相互的依赖 拥抱的默契是与生俱来
就像我们的爱 百分之百的合拍

我们合起来 一个乖 一个有点坏
一个慢慢来 一个快 龟兔的竞赛
爱 像瓶口套瓶盖 互补的姿态
只要螺旋走在 通往爱 幸福的地带

我们合起来 护著爱 不受到伤害
等装满了爱 就打开 让一肚子的情海
甜蜜著我们每一个未来 永远做你唯一的瓶盖

瓶口套瓶盖 合起来 啦啦啦...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot