Saturday, March 28, 2009

It is another race

Besides racing on peace and understanding of humanity, the Earth we live on is racing on another event at the same time - CLIMATE CHANGE.

The very first time I was introduced Earth Hour in Malaysia was 29 March 2008, the same day as Nicholas Teo's first concert in Malaysia. Now can you see how "supportive" Nicholas was to the event?

Being held on every last Saturday of March since 2008, Malaysians had shown low responses to the awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. But this year our country alongside 81 other countries, with more than 350 companies in Malaysia have participated in pledging their support to Earth Hour.

I agree, the history will record tonight as the most beautiful Earth. Main city buildings will turn off their lights, and KL will turn to a dead city. Isn't a scenary without any sign of humanity beautiful?

The Earth can never win as there is no destined winner for the race. But how beautifully the Earth run the race is in our hands - to commit or not to commit. We have all succumbed to development and growth of nations, to the extent we have forgotten the race we must run from the beginning. We must start to realize that we are the one who damage the Earth, thus isn't it our responsibility to reverse the effect as it was before humans first laid their hands to damage the Earth? Who is to blame if we do not start to make a difference?

Preserving and protecting the Earth is our duty not just a day or two, but life duty. Preserving the Earth is not just limited to this hour we anticipated, but is a duty till death. I do not say all my actions are according to what I say, but I concur to the message that Earth Hour is trying to convey - conserve, and preserve the Earth for future generations.

Let's take this as our 1st step in preserving our planet. All you need to do is first to sign up at Earth Hour Website, and to turn off your lights from 8.30 p.m. for an hour on 28 March 2009. Today's activity is not solely to conserve energy and resources, but to increase awareness of the "blind" people as well.

Earth Hour in Malaysia is slowly gaining momentum but is not fast enough. But if we start the race now, we are not too late!!! We can end the race on time together as collective forces, or we will be eliminated as diverse thoughts.

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