Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eye opening nocturnal feast - 31st March 2009

Easily taken in by sweet words and some plea, Jino finally stepped foot into Jogoya again, after considering the economy crisis that hits the land and the tight budget for Langkawi trip. In fact I agreed unwillingly 'coz I promised someone first. Breaking promises is so fucking pain in the ass.

Contacting Jogoya was a painful job. Reservation is required but they never pick up my calls. I strongly suggest Jogoya and other buffet restaurants to invest on customer service. But the truth is, I contacted them the wrong time. I started calling from 10 a.m. and of 'coz that is not their operational hour. "Belum bukak kedai la bro" - Chang Hoong. How blur ^^... Oops alright I take back my words.

We were discussing the details in Genetics lab session. Seems like Dr. Gideon paid some interest look in our plan. Maybe inviting him is a good idea, don't you think?

We went on 31st March, the day Baskin Robin was giving out their usual promotions. And I fortunately was exempted to belanja the merciful Shiau Li and Piew 'coz we will be having something greater that evening - Haagan Dazs.

Jogoya is one of the most popular talk-bout restaurants offering gourmets of land of rising sun at extremely peak price. Besides japanese, they offer western, indian, chinese and other delicacies. But I thought I would only place my attention on the japanese 'coz they are cute, white, open, innocent look, full of Asian aroma, fuckable, itaio, yamate etc. OOPS! Rumours of how fresh the food is, how varies the choices are, how soothing the ambiance are always circulating the KL folks. Rumours always deceive people, let me simply remind you.

The last japanese buffet I had was Shogun last year. Since Jogoya is having promotion - buy 1 free 1 and VIP 50% discount - you would be thinking why would we waste the chance right? We went in as VIP members and did not use the vouchers. Instead the vouchers will be resold to other people. Can't you see how food plays an important role as agent of socialization not just family, school, media and peer group? I still rem.ember my Jogoya experience very well but too bad it's history. Now when I thought I can regain new collection of Jogoya memories with some of my closest friends, coursemates, coursemates' other halves, unimates, coursemates friends from other school, the memories capped in my mind now are instead, the "cry of despair"...

We first hanged around in BTS till everyone gathered at 4 p.m. Few groups seperated - lunch, bowling, shopping, pooling, studying...

As everyone was here, including Wendy and EE and Chang Hoong and Cally, we entered Jogoya =.=... Can I not use the word anymore?

So, a total 18 of us occupied a room ourselves. What else can we boys and girls do when we are left together in a room? SEX PARTY!!! Let's rapeJogoya, if that's what in my mind you ask.

To my disappointment, I was very dissatisfied with the meal last night. I was expecting something similar to Jogoya 2 years ago that I remember, but 2 years later Jogoya has opened my eyes. Within the area of 62 foot steps, I could only see 4 types of sushi, 5 types of sashimi, no tako tako, waited 1 hour+ for 4 handrolls, waited 2 hours+ for lobster sushi, only prawn as tempura. And that's it? If this is the only thing Jogoya is capable of, I am very disappointed over their deprovement. To be very honest, I feel wasted yesterday 'coz the food did not satisfied me at all. Not even up to expectation and satisfaction. I came with hope to enjoy the food I thought I like butJogoya was a turn off. I went out of the room many times, hoping they will throw out something that I hope I can eat that night. But do you know? They never change the variety and disappointedly I shook my head.

Was the taste superb? - I would say so so. Too many choices till headache of which to choose? - WRONG! Lack of varieties. Nice environment? - Nothing special. Price? - Overly charged. Imagine you are paying 88++ (but we have discount), and they serve you food quality and quantity that do not even meet the eyes, yet you still hope miracles to happen in the 4 hours 30 minutes. That's how I felt yesterday. And next morning the feeling have not move a bit. Yea, regret, being cheated, disappointed, down, heartache, wallet pain pain, tears. Isn't foodsupposingly bring happiness? If you big business can make us pay RM 88++, then please do your part worth RM 88++, not just RM 30!!! I know la we pay half the price, but if this is how big business runs their business, you don't deserve my respect, not a chance anymore. Yesterday was not RM 88++punya standard!

The idea of doing free promotion for Jogoya changed immediately into negative detesting advertisement. There is no point telling how good it is when you had already experienced it firsthandedly to feel ARGHH, OMG and WHY while eating. I wasn't in the mood to snap photos of their food. It was an unexpected bad night, worst possible dinner and lost of faith. Yes,JINO IS CHEATED BY JOGOYA'S FAME AND REPUTATION!!!

Enough of the food. If we can think from the positive side, food is not the only matters of concern. Look around you, and you will see people who eat with you. It's a fate that we are able to dine together, and let's cherish this moment for a bit longer.

I swear upon my honour and pride as Jino the Ice God, I will never, ever visit that foul place. Not in this life anymore. If I break this promise, I potong my lj! Hear that? Everyone who reads this blog, I remind you once again that if you have anywhere in your pea brains to visit Jogoya, please do not do so otherwise you will feel how I felt. Fail to comprehend and risk yourself. Their varieties, their food turnover rate and their way of running business were real disappointment. Learn, folks of the world, that expensive food does not promise worthiness all time. Let me sum up. Jogoya is not just "not up to expectation", it is poor and bad when you think of paying RM 88++.

If I can return to yesterday, I would eat at my own house, save up RM 60 for Langkawi and gain satisfaction from my mama's dinner. If ever time can reverse its course...

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