Saturday, April 4, 2009

Melodious boost

This morning I woke up as early as 4 a.m. for my last minute study MB test II. How was the test? Not too sure if I can pass, though... Today is Qing Ming but I never like this day. I always love the smoke free environment, not the ritual and superstitious beliefs of praying. Forgive me I am atheist. How glad I was, MB spared me this year...

But on the way back home through MRR2, it was a massive traffic jam. Damn I hate strawberry. Why must there be strawberry on 10.38 a.m.? Najib rises to power and there's strawberry? I don't see the connection here. So when there's little motivation to continue the strawberry, feeling weak from early morning bell and massive energy loss from hitting aeroplane (oops...), I so wish to munch on an apple pie so I drop by McD.

Before I did that, I heard his voice on radio. One FM 88.1. It's long ago radio aired his arts - 远远. Melodies seeped through my veins, increasing adrenylate cyclase activity to convert more ATP to cAMP and... crap! I mean, I got all my energy suddenly. Immediate temporary energy boost. Arghh I want to sing!!!

So I saved RM 3 and continued the journey back home, to find out a little car accident caused whole MRR2 from Taman Kencana up to Tasik Selatan to congest. Why must everyone be so kepo? Saw car accident and slow down to busybody but offer no help? Damn busybody people - Malaysia's unique trait. Beh tahan this kind of people. After the accident the route was so smooth. Even smoother than my pet pet.

When I reached home I was totally exhausted. This time not even 林宇中 can keep me energetic. I need a good sleep. And I dozed to the pitch dark night.

I start listening to many songs, mostly chinese. 林宇中,王力宏,林宥嘉,杨宗纬,曹格,周杰伦 and many more. Now I start to accept 林俊杰,萧敬腾 and 吴克群 into my playlist. I mean all their songs. I don't reject nice songs, but I anti-陈亦讯,SHE, 陈小村, "Danell" Lee and few more I couldn't recall at the moment. Instead of 39 artworks of 林宇中,now my playlist has expanded to 184 of many songs including Chris Daughtry and Wiwisit.

Besides 林宇中,my favourites now are 原谅我,Blues, 多希望你存在,活着,收藏,疼爱,王子的新衣,海芋恋,我在哭,一辈子存在,奋不顾身 by 萧敬腾.

He is the rising pop singer from Taiwan. The super duper shy and silent 萧敬腾 was the PK King of 第二届超级星光大道 and gained the nickname 黑蜘蛛 for his talent and threat to the contestants.

From there his music career rose to fame so quickly. In the same year (June 16 2008) he released his first album of same name, 萧敬腾. To find out he is actually same age as me (March 30 1987), and he has his career blooming already. Where am I now?

He is much better than 林宥嘉 from whatever wise (except his look). Too bad I never know him earlier. It's not too late anyway. Greatly recommending him to my friends...

The young veteran 吴克群 has many albums on sale - Tomorrow (2002), 首长个人全创作专辑 (2004),大顽家 (2005),将军令 (2006) and 为你写诗 (2008). The latest 4 were all his own composed and written. Wonderful!!! Sexay!!!

周星星,男俑,蛤,学不会,大石头,什么东西,吴克群,牵牵牵手,老子说,将军令,冠军,为你写诗 by 吴克群 were hits last time. His songs are hilarious and special. I am still in progress to download other 萧敬腾 and 吴克群 songs. No money buy their albums lol so download all songs la. One of his hard core fans had moved to Johor, I couldn't ask for his help anymore. I wish one day I can buy their albums but too many of them!!! Anyway I am not too over fanatic over them like my interest over 林宇中...

Now I am searching for Bleach OST. Who can send to me?

I still remember how Melodi - 林宇中 and Sheila Majid brought me into music world. Music world doesn't mean to become a singer myself. His songs are really meaningful, his are the only that I really pay attention to, worth buying albums so far. But really thanks to him, now I really enjoy music very much and I am glad I stop restricting my quota in my playlist. No matter how many other singers I like, 林宇中 is still number 1 in my heart!!! Sounds so gay...

个人首长专辑 (2005 12月 30日)- 靠岸,不打烊的店,工体北,再见,落脚,灿烂部屋,寻找,我不是他,失恋学,叶枯过

淋雨中 (2007 330) - 苍蝇的泪滴,猫头鹰,复活,捉迷藏,旋律,对调,淋雨中,余兴节目,主题曲,空秋千,Melodi (OT 旋律),讯号

大马演唱会先听版 (2007 11 28) - 十分颜色

干物女 (2008 7 10) - 上楼,干物女,远远,改嫁,瓶盖,维他命C我加你,放空,第六个地点,逆跳表,至少爱过,幸福马戏团,抢玫瑰,下楼

MY FM十周年主题曲 - 听见幸福

改旋律送给四川灾民 - 艳阳天

There are 2 songs I wish to get - Pleng ni (Thai Version of 旋律 by James and 林宇中) and Thai version 失恋学 by Tae and 林宇中. How can I get them?

My target after Langkawi. Save money for a SE W series phone! Despite my ears condition, I still want it!!!

Listen to songs, everyone. They're energy booster for your day!

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