Friday, April 17, 2009

Healthy way too good to kill boredom

While studying transposon for MB yesterday (16 April 2009), I was distracted by xxx rated stuff from my friend. Although I am not a 100% pervert, but I couldn't resist the temptation lol. After a peep I offed my computer in the afternoon to concentrate on studies but to no avail. Therefore, I randomly reached my kertas lukisan, brushes and left over water colour paints, thought of painting something while studying MB in rhythmic pace. But the final result were:- a completed painting and a prototype draft of my previous post - Fugly and 2 slides of MB notes. Studies is too hard to do at home. A perfect study place is Starbucks with refreshing aroma of Mocha Frapuccino on the table.

I replicated the painting from my artwork in Form 1 Pendidikan Seni final exams entitled "Pemandangan pada waktu senja" which scored 99% from Cikgu Zuraidi. A lot of screwed up parts especially the tongkang. Compared to my previous drawing, I like the painting 9 years ago more.

Mum: Why waste time on drawing? Go study la!!!
Me: How do you know I am not studying?
Mum: Of 'coz I know. You are using your notes as alas surat khabar below your painting!!!
Me: Oops... Bocor.

Careful, paint is still wet...

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