Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Warrior of blue driving up-down town

The day started wee 12 a.m., my very 1st gelaba case - I had forgotten to print the group Genetics report. Asked Piew and Lok for help but helpless, asked SK but no reply. It was Seng Seng the greatest savior who woke up at night to check my message and lent his hand.

Seng Seng used colour printer to print my report with the big big UTAR logo. WOW!!! So good geh? Kena la belanja kari wanton mee + big + mee + kari + wanton + egg this time lol? But... the sad part, also the gelaba case 2 - although report was ready, but I left the graphs at home. Of 'coz have to attach both to call it a complete report. And I left my MB test 1 paper at home too - gelaba 3. I need to ask for additional marks as Dr. Tee had calculated my marks wrongly (whom I should have look for since month ago). Not to forget I left my Meta exercise 2 at home (gelaba 4), which I need to submit back to Dr. Teh last Friday. What happen to me? I tend to forget everything!!! Probably because of Genetics lab test later? Must be la, too focused on lab test and not aware of what to do next.

How's Genetics lab test today? Walao... Si beh die. Of 30 marks, half gone in drawing (suck up - sure no mark) while other half barely able to understand (have to ask answer from Piew!!!). Another gelaba liao lor? No mood already. Listen to the imperial march of Darth Vader, awaiting my time to face the death... Just as what Gideon post on facebook - "I'm already infamous...ur seniors here can tell u that there r some ppl who couldn't take Y3 paper n graduate coz they had to repeat n repeat genetics...haha..." -.-

I made a lot of mistakes today - Genetics report + MB test paper + Meta exercise 2. Why not submit the next day since I was already late? Since every small matters are marks (I need marks desperately) and I delayed long enough. I hope it's not too late - coursework marks will be released this week.

So, from Sri Petaling 7 a.m. to UTAR for test, return back Sri Petaling to get whatever I need (sambil kena sai for wasting petrol by mum), turn back to UTAR to do whatever left to complete (all done - 11.25 a.m.). Lucky no strawberry on the way. Is this makan angin or makan minyak?

And lastly, I had my hair cut in Silver Cut, by the same guy (thinnest, tallest, considered most lengzai in the saloon). Everytime a cutting session started, he will ask me the same questions - 1. Where are you from. 2. Where do you study. 3. What course are you pursuing. 4. How do you travel etc etc etc... I've been there 3 times, he asked those 3 times haha. He even promised me to play 林宇中's song each time I visit, but he never did. Who am I for him to remember? I am not important anyway. I asked him to cut cincai you suka la - my usual line. So he explained a bit here and there, wanted to change me into a 'yeah' style. No thanks, 'yeah' does not suit me. Cut the same short short hair again. He even asked me if I am interested to do hair treatment, which can nourish my scalp and reduce dandruff and oily hair - RM 30 per treatment. I was thinking - is my dandruff that bad that I need treatment, or are you just promoting? Or is my hair oily? Finished cutting in less than 20 minutes (sap sap sui la, cincai head ma), charged RM 15 huhuhu... See? After hair cut. Sorry for showing apek pic. I want my hair dyed next semester.

This afternoon I was so lonely not because I am left alone. To find out that someone lied to me, yet knowing that he's lying but he kept on lying hoping that I wouldn't realize, made me so lonely. If he knows he was wrong, can't he just admit and commit less mistakes than just double his "sin" at greater risk? I don't understand why he needed to lie. I wouldn't be so lonely if you had never lie.

Today was supposedly to have dinner with Dr. Chu and Mok, but the dinner was cancelled. Family had their own plan, so I was left alone tonight. I live in Sri Petaling for 10 years, I know there's no food worth as dinner to be found here. So another makan angin yang makan minyak is expected. Don't care la, petrol is still cheaper than mineral water if you compare to Avian mineral water. RM 1.80 vs RM 7.90. I wanted to call friends out but I don't know who to call. So I drive around from Sri Petaling to Salak South Garden to Kuchai Lama to Happy Garden looking for a place to quietly dine in and study - alone. Firstly dropped by Salak South Garden park, swinged on a swing for minutes to feel the hazy breeze while enjoying KL view from hill top. Oh yea, ate 2 fried dumpling at Fatty Mok Hakka Yong Tau Foo as appetizer.

I simply attacked here for dinner (after headache of driving many rounds, stopping at many eating places around Kuchai Lama considering prices of Wings Cafe and One Station etc)... Dim sum. I ordered the most basic dim sum - sang yok pao, lo mai kai, xiu mai, fish ball. Good dim sum or bad dim sum depend dearly on these few. Sadly the taste was... paksa paksa oso eadible la (deep in my heart - tak sedap langsung). Kulit pao thicker than inch, fishball too soft, xiu mai no taste. And what did they put in lo mai kai, ginger? Let's not talk bout freshness, you know what I mean? Dinner cost ~RM 12 - wasted money. Eii I am not picky on food ok, in fact I am easily satisfied. But some food is just suck, such as this dim sum.

The night was still young. After dinner was merayau-rayau session by car, red lights, green lights, plugged in modulator and my pendrive equipped with Kenji, Jam.s, JJ and Rynn - up to OUG McD for an ice-cream, back to Happy Garden Steven corner for garlic naan (what's this, supper?) and back Sri Petaling. What's in my mind? Petrol cheap ar run here run there? Nevermind la, tonight I let my demonic behaviour slipped out. No body's stopping me tonight. Again there's no star tonight, just a limp glowing moon behind the bank of clouds. Don't feel lonely, at least there're many drivers around me driving together.

These're from a dessert shop at Sri Petaling - Sweet Bean. Out of curiousity I entered, sat, opened the menu and simply pointed. So the food came real fast, I wasn't sure what they were. But I guess they're sesame seed black glutinous rice soup and sesame seed tang yuan. Not bad, not just some kind of sugar sweet dessert. RM 4.25 is a bit pricey though... - edited and added 19 February 2009

Again I made some turns around the roads, congested in pasar malam roads and managed to find a place to spend the rest of my night - Old Town Kopitiam Sri Petaling. Ordered white coffee (tak sedap), spreaded blood coagulation chapter on table while my mind blown somewhere. About an hour later they chase me away at 11.30 p.m. - tutup kedai!!! Anyway I managed to get that chapter done, at the very least one achievement of the day.

Again I am here, in front of computer wondering why am I doing these alone. Does anyone do the same like me when they're alone? I have no body tonight. My mind tonight, is myself. I thought I could make it throught the day. I just smile and pretend and tell myself I'll be alright but I went crazy on another side. Can you hear that? You can't? But I heard the sound of silence calling me... I'm sorry I was irrational tonight.

Have I felt any better after going here and there alone? Not when I am alone at this stage...

Oh, another filler for my bored posts...

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