Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Promises that you and I, me and you, he and me, she and me, they and me...

I realized, my mood recently started swinging all the time. At a moment I am very happy and the next moment I can shout at my mama. Feeling like wth, she gave me a tight slap. Nice slap! At least she stopped me shouting around like a moron.

My opinion about promises? Promises must be kept, must be fulfilled. Incomplete promises and empty promises are no longer my style. If I have no confidence in doing it, I won't even promise you. I learnt the day I left. Promises as simple as "I love you forever", "I won't leave you", "You are my only one" are very common couples intimidation. That will make them love deeper, to drive them nearer. They're too good to be true but how strongly would these words stand in the relationship after 3 months or 1 year?

When the love cease you will use the word "promise" - What did you promise me? You weren't real that time? How could this be? Forever?

Empty promises are easy to made. Maybe it's not hard to break one. But for people like me to break it, it seems to take me years for guilt to dilute. Don't you feel guilty for breaking the own faith you gave? It's like scratching your own face, it's disgusting. Breaking own promises leads me fear. How much can one take after confidence striped off? You had gotten your hand ready and I made them dirty. You are waiting me by your window but I never come as promised.

I did not just hurt one, but repeated twice the same. Not to mention some great impacts on my daily promises too... I am sorry everyone. Sorry man I don't deserve you...

Therefore, I don't simply make promises anymore, especially promises I know I can never fulfill. I afraid, I will once again disappoint you, break your heart again. And I don't want history to repeat... Hope that my stance won't break easily this time.

Speaking of promise, SHIT I have Genetics group report to compile and print but I have not done it!!! Must hurry to look for a printer now. URGENT!

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