Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days covered in honey

Saturday 18 April
Hins's concert sparks magically in Genting today. Anyway I am not going - nothing to do with me, I am not any of his fans.

The day starts with a bad morning. The sky is hazy with smoky hazards detrimental to health. And I thought some houses are on fire.

Oh... not houses on fire. Is spraying mosquitoes killing spray

There must be a lot of people died 'coz of mosquitoes otherwise they won't spend so much on the concentrated smokes. Although the smoke is detrimental, humans' lives are in great danger lately. So I raise my legs to support this people in banishing the population of Aedes. Many have fallen to Dengue and Chikungunya, countless lives lost 'coz of the tiny insects. For the sake of humanity, mosquitoes of male or female, Aedes or not, extinct or not, they must be eradicated. They are more than enough to exist in text book.

Due to financial restriction, I am forced to make sandwiches for lunch today. Don't underestimate my sandwiches, they're actually packed with 100% love haha. I made 6 pieces, which should satisfy my lunch enough.

Supposing that we've got the day planned quite nicely. Firstly we will walk around Bukit Bintang, mostly Pavilion while wait for Austin's lunch time. After that we will have Manhattan Fish Market as snacks 'coz I have RM 20 voucher. As exams coming soon, we thought of studying in Starbucks as aromatic caffeine could keep the brain awake for the day.

But the day does not turn out as planned. The day is so hot!!! I couldn't endure the sweat for long, I don't feel comfortable at all. 'Coz of sweat I go emo, emo, emo. Big hot bright sun radiates painful harmful UV light, kills me slowly!!! After meeting Austin and lunch, we look for Manhattan Fish Market
showering with sweat. To think deeper, where can I find 1? Is there any outlet in BB? NO!!! BB doesn't have MFM!!! Aiya, apa la. Bodohnya.

We substitute MFM with J.Co last minute. When J.Co is in our sight, we see no queue today. I wonder what happen. Is economic crisis be that strong? Wonderful donuts I say, but I prefer less sweet snacks and a cup of coffee ^^. We drop Starbucks and have J.Co in the car instead, head back to where we come from - home.

Watched Gokusen whole night with Edwin. Sweat makes me even more emo. Arghh!!! I hate hot season. Why is KL so FUCKING hot!!!

Tonight I leave the house extra early, allowing me chance to study at home. Exams start to pressure me, my legs start trembling feebly like jelly. My table now looks like a pile of rubbish mounting, clearing them is no easy task. I touch up my last painting of the week, keep all my painting equipments far away to allow me time to concentrate properly into studies.

I name this painting - Wish to light your path.

I really need to study!!! 3 important subjects in a go, progress is 30%. Hurry!!!

Sunday 19 April
Not to mention how dull it is today, studying is the most boring thing to do in a hospital. I visit my sick grandpapa in Hospital Putrajaya today. Go all the way there to visit him. You should come around and have a look, it's so different from KL. Even the hospital can match the hotels in Genting. Can you now imagine how nice the hospital is?

What's Putrajaya? Established by Mahathir, it is hopefully turned into the most developed city in Malaysia which outmatched KL. Founder of the cities are the major concern for the government. The relocation was to reduce the congestion in the city and to ensure that KL will continue to develop as Malaysia's principal business and financial centre. But from what I see, KL was established by Yap Ah Loy, a Chinese. If Malaysia's most important capital was founded by a Chinese, malu la Malay? So government spent billions into the Putrajaya project in the name of development but in fact government used our tax to develop their own name - the most advanced city in Malaysia which was founded by a Malay.

Back to the hospital, it is quite grand compared to HUKM and HKL. Air-conditioned, new building and greenery which are different from KL's traffic congestion, pollution and concrete buildings. Some of the drawbacks are isolated from main cities, and also inexperienced doctors. Even the street lights by the roadside in Putrajaya is extra special and beautiful.

Hopefully my grandpapa will be fine (though all humans will die eventually), I study whole afternoon, frozen in the room.

Monday 20 April
I break the very promise I made 3 weeks ago. I let the pictures do the talking...

Can I not mention where are these taken? There goes my lanjiao, chopped off cook 酸甜 lanjiao if anyone finds out. Sweet and sour lanjiao nyam nyam!!! Hints: We go for lunch buffet. What a surprise. I rate 30% for today +1% for playing my favourite song Melodi by Rynn!!!

Tuesday 21 April
The day Edwin goes back to Kampar comes again, and it's today. After depart him at Puduraya, I head to UTAR to collect my exam slip and at the same time discuss pass year questions with Pneumonia gang. When they first saw me, they comment a lot of this...

If I say, it is done by the baby next door, he sucks my neck while I am asleep, will you believe me? If I say I make this myself, lagi la no one will believe. So I don't need to explain any further haha. So what if it's a curry kai or strawberry? I don't care lol... Stop questioning, hit the bell, and go on life guys.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot