Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A lost journey

12th April - Sunday. I was in 8053, looking outside the windows to find out that it was already dark. How long had I slept? Yea, I was sleeping on the driving seat for time to pass by. I wasn't in mood to go home at that time. When it comes to studies, home has no place for me. The night was so dark but I could see the moon moving away from the clouds, slowly and clearly. It was surprising to see the clock written 3.52 a.m. OMG!!! My phone recorded 28 miss calls from home. My mum must be very worried for my absence since 8 hours ago. I returned the call but very mysteriously I couldn't get through - "I'm sorry. The number you've dialed, is unavailable. Please try later. Thank you." Wondering what's going on, I hurried back home as my heart worrying something bad might happen. As I drove I could feel the warm breeze of the morning but together with DBKL odour greeting.

As I made myself slightly concious, I looked outside the window. Again and again I couldn't recall the place I stopped to sleep. In my hand held a glass of whiskey coke. I didn't remember anything at all. The night was so dark, no street light, all houses switched off lights, no car on the roads. It as if there's no sign of living. I tried to switch on my car light but only small light was available. I took quite awhile to adapt to the unlit zone, encouraged myself to move on.

Quickly I drove off the place, but to my astonishment I reached highway which I don't recognize at all. Again there's not street light along the highway. It's a straight road all the way with houses by the side. Signboard could not be seen for the first few km, next few km, the whole highway, confusing me even more. Where am I? It wasn't a pleasant driving session. I could hardly see my path, so I drive very slowly to be cautious.

After long driving, finally there's sign of living but it wasn't any kind of sign. There, in the middle of the highway, stood a policeman in his uniform with his light stick, swinging left and left asked me to stopped to the left side. He was a Chinese policeman, asked for my IC and licence, asked me reasons for not switching my big light. A Chinese policeman? Deep in my heart cold sweat swirled, raising my suspicion. How could a policeman stand in the middle of the road without any road block mechanism? It didn't make sense. Very panic, I sped off full speed ahead. I just want to get home safely. Looked at the clock, it's still 3.52 a.m. WTF after so long, time had not moved??? Is it a joke or what? When I tried to reach my phone, the battery was empty. How is this possible?

I was expecting the police to chase after me in his car. But to my surprise I heard loud screams and some sort of chanting from afar. It reminded me of those ghost stories where a lady ghost tumpang your car, so don't look back at your back mirror. Although I was never afraid of ghost, not to believe in one in the 1st place, it's still eerie to think bout it. I dismissed the thought and looked back. A bunch of people running after me, in their hands are torches and sticks and durians, dressed in red cap and red shirt.

I was convinced they were the Thai protesters, they shouted so damn loud, speak in Thai I thought. But why were they chasing me? I AM NO PM!!! Already damn gelaba, now come another scary protesters, I offed my air cond, drove even faster, I could hear my engine shrieked and my mind was racing just as fast as the car. I was so scared. I didn't care if I knock down someone or kill anyone. I just want to get back home safely. God damn.

The further I drive, the darker the night. Now I couldn't see a single shit. Without realizing I had already reached the end of highway, fell off the road with the car headed down. Imagine it's like an incomplete highway bridge. I could feel my heart separated from my body. I shouted so damn loud but it was a silent fall. But as I fell, I could now see lights, high buildings and cars. OMG was I on the cloud all the while? I cannot stop shouting and my body trembled so badly.

I was in such condition of helpless and remorse for my pass deeds as I closed my eyes awaiting to reach the Earth. I could see things getting larger and larger, nearer and nearer. Am I going to die?

I was showered in cold sweat, to realize it was all but dream. Paralyzed for few minutes, while waiting my senses to return, I checked my time. Damn it's 4 a.m. and I got spooky goosebumps all over. ARGHH!!!

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