Thursday, December 2, 2010


On the way back home from Rawang, we paid a visit to McD drive-thru located near Zoo Negara. It was 6th of November, 1331 hours when we ordered McValue Nugget Meal and a cup of chocolate Sundae. We made a dash home without paying attention to the price till we checked the invoice later in the evening. Instead of RM 9.40, I paid additional RM 3.30 which was quite obviously a mistake.

For many reasons, I could not get back to the outlet immediately. I was well aware that my chance of getting back the money's so slim if I didn't inform them right away. Waited till 28th of November, again we decided to drop by at the same outlet to clarify the mistake. I get to speak to one of the staff, Ayu.

Ayu: Sir, ini staff masa key in dia tak letak value meal. Jadi harga sudah silap.
Jino: So can I have the remaining balance refunded?
Ayu: Tak boleh sir. Sebab ini resit sudah lama, you patut datang balik dan bagi tau kita.
Jino: It's not convenient to drive all the way back here for a few dollars. What do you think?
Ayu: Then kenapa you tak datang awal sikit? Sekarang sudah berapa minggu dah.
Jino: What makes you think that I pass by here everyday? I have work to do.
Ayu: Kalau macam tu at least sir you boleh call number ni dan kasi tau kita. Then boleh kita follow up.
Jino: So you cannot refund me the money?
Ayu: Cannot, sir. Sudah lama sangat ni. Kalau you datang balik hari tu kita boleh kasi balik duit tu.

Have you all already realized what's missing from the conversation?

Jino: I tell you what. The reason I am here to seek either one of the two. Firstly is the refund.
Ayu: Aha... aha...
Jino: I understand that it's my mistake for not checking the invoice before leaving. And you also have the right not to refund. But what I am looking forward the most in my visit today is a word of APOLOGY. Throughout the conversation I can feel that you put all the blame on me. I can't get refund 'coz I did not do this and that. It is not 3 dollars anymore. You have never put yourself in my shoes since there's no sorry from your end that makes me really disappointed. Despite a mistake made by your staff, there is no apology.
Ayu: So sorry sir.
Jino: No, you are not. No worry Ayu, you have not done any mistake. It's a customer who is not satisfied with the customer service you have provided and I will seek a channel to lodge a complain. And McDonald's has lost a small customer. Thank you.

It's hard to recall the conversation as dual languages were used but I tried my best. I've also notify McD this incident through their website in hope the management not only focus on products. Customer service is just as important! A gentle reminder: If you want your complains to be heard, speak to a manager instead.

No more McD for Jino.

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