Saturday, January 23, 2010

Oh? It's 2010?

To begin with, let me describe some details last night which is irrelevant to the title today. After chatting in MSN for 1.5 years - 2 years, we were finally ready to meet. I am shy and nervous when meeting anyone for the first time. Last night was no different. First we had dessert and then we switch to Kuchai Lama 24 hours McD. From 11 p.m. conversation live up till 4 a.m. the next morning, or was he the one who hit the initiation button all the time? It was my longest yum cha session I've ever recorded (not trying to be proud). Anyhow, we had a great night just by talking from here to there, this and that. A great friend to have, his name is Christ.

I open my eyes to greet the afternoon blaze as the feverish dream was quickly fading away. No one is home. Scrubbing myself carefully at the same time crooning the cold water that drools down my fat body, I guess today is another hot yet strange day where, I allow strong shower current hit me for more than hour. The shower was undeniably a refreshing start, I am glad the water is cold enough to answer my icy lust.

My itchy hand conveniently grab the nearest item, while my eyes are locked on the blank screen. It is a calender I got hold. It has many red crosses drawn on it. The last mark was crossed on September 29th, a day before my last paper of Year 3 Sem 1. You might think what I do next is stupid, but I do it anyway. I continue mark crosses on the overdue dates to make it an updated calender. Not until I reach the end of calender:

Oh? It's 2010 already?

What am I talking about? It's almost a month passed new year. New sem has begun. FYP has ended. Yet, due the insufficient holidays, I grieve for his departure to Kampar. Everything sums to the self-involuntary, not-biological-recognized 2010. ARGHH!!! How can I possibly lay back at time like this?

2010 will be a big year to me. First of all, I am expecting a graduation mid of this year. Don't congratulate me yet. If everything is according to plan (if I don't fail any paper), I would not end up in Kampar for repeat. For that to happen, I need to excel in my final papers as well as my thesis and oral presentation. I could not possibly rest without putting a good fight. The first thing I must achieve in 2010 is my graduation! All other priorities are secondary to victory! Go die, internet. Go die you Bleach. Go die MSN. Go die dating. Nothing can stop me from putting on my graduation robe. Nothing will.

Secondly, 2010 will be the year I officially enter the working field*. I love political struggles in the company while remaining a neutral by-stander (Evil me). 2010 will mark the year I first receive my pay as well (part time pay was not considered real money). This is very important 'coz next aims are very relevant to my pay. Considering how much my salary is, displayed are some features of how the money's roughly allocated on:

a) Dermatologist comes first because I want to get rid of my acne and scars. Only then I am worth a normal man.
b) Belanja those who belanja me before. Both sides of parents are compulsory. Other than that, neh, the one been to Fusion Haven with me. Neh, the one who treat me steamboat in Puchong. Tau tau la siapa tu, expect a meal from me!
c) Enrol to a gym to build up my body. I don't expect to have a voluptuous body  in a day or month . But tummy is no way acceptable and I will fight hard for my body. Money will be my discipline teacher.

Those are about my resolution, wishes or must for 2010. Realistic enough, aren't they? Given enough time and cash, I will come out with more plans. Above are some that I must achieve at all cost and Happy 2010!

*Will be considered null and voided if I change my mind to pursue my master (if available and applicable).

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