Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paradoxical choices

Nothing is more repulsive than desperation for internet when Edwin finally terminated his Streamyx in the late December. Life without internet is hellish tough. And it is also appropriate to say that a replacement is urgently necessary since deadline for my thesis is quickly catching up.

Cut long story short. Among the available options, I thought DiGi offers the cheapest and the most considerable speed. Only after subscribing I realized that I was horribly mistaken.

Just to be fair, DiGi broadband offers super high speed connection. Unfortunately my area is not entitled for broadband yet thus I am limited to EDGE, the turtle-speed connection. My bad. Although the highest speed for EDGE is 236.8kbps, my connection never crosses 100kbps. Sometimes 4kbps. Sometimes 3kbps. Sometimes 10kbps. To load a page like Eric Takashi’s blog takes about 20 minutes, provided there is no disconnection.  Sign in MSN takes longer than expected, troubleshoots unresolved at certain times.

Moreover, every click counts. With the 3gb limit, the downloading statistic quickly touching the limit. As if I watch myself burning money to keep the bonfire alive for some warmness in the cold jungle.

That is also why I change my blog template to one simplistic - fewer images, less flashes and less loading time.

Because of this I’ve lost the very passion to read blogs I followed and bookmarked as well as blog hopping. When I want to leave a comment, either it takes 10 minutes to load the page, or is interrupted by disconnection. Then I have to start over again for the same result. Dulan.

The first thing I click on Firefox is my blog. Despite the adverse I am currently facing, checking out happy stories of their new relationship is really worth to wait for. Really, I feel delighted reading their blogs though the waiting time to leave comment can be annoying. Wish you all luck and keep it up. They give me hope that we too can return to how we began, even when our love has already aged to 2. I could not contain my excitement and dying to resurrect the romantic season. But how?

Choosing DiGi may be a bad move, but times are tough without internet. Should I switch? What to switch?

On an unrelated story, Edwin left to Kampar again.

I am leaving soon.
YES! That’s good.
Won’t you feel sad or something?
Why should I? It’s merdeka for me I would say.
*Turn his back on me*
*Hug him from his back*

We are again separated on a long distance relationship. While there are many reasons to be sad, I don't want him to look back and start missing KL. Why not cast a smile before he leaves? If I cannot control my emotion for this simple reason, he who is already heavy-heartened will not leave this place peacefully. The least I can do is to assure my happiness here without him physically. I don’t have to say it loud for him to know how much I miss him, right?

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