Thursday, April 13, 2006

When money plays its trick

8th April 2006, an unfortunate, costly event occurred. The RM 300.00 given by my mother which is supposed to be used wisely, is now gone, nowhere to be found. The large sum of money consist of my tuition fees, LRT fare and also my allowance. The RM 56.00 Amy gave me a day before that was lost as well. Without any idea of where I have put it, I searched every corner of my house. From drawers to cabinet to dust bin to refrigerator, the money is gone without leaving a single clue. I made an immediate report to my mother. She did help me find, but you should know what the result is.

I thought the money will reveal itself after a few days, just like my pen and eraser always do. Waiting anxiously for a week, it seemed that the money had disappeared. Initially I have no idea of what to do. My mother approached me and asked some questions which really hurt my feeling, even now. The questions were “Did you embezzle the money? I don’t understand where are the jig-saw puzzles, Starbucks, Streamyx bill come from?” Her questions stunned me for a moment. She suspected me, my darkest fear has come. She said I misused the money to pay back my friends whom I owned. I thought I am a loyal and trustworthy son, though sometimes I lied to her bout my homework and extra school holidays. Being torn apart by confusion and enragement, I do not want to explain myself (“Do not explain yourself”-Conrade during FRIM trip). I wish my parents or brother would have found the money rather than me. If not, I will face them with even extremely doubtful look.

12th April 2006 is the day when I think this problem must be solved at once. After planning a budget for April and May, I decided to withdraw 30% from my bank savings to cover up the money loss. This action disrupts my original plan to buy an mP3, spectacles and more jig-saw puzzles. The money does not worry me much, the relationship between me and my family does. After the incident during Chinese New Year, our relationship is quite bad. I do not want to point a finger to anyone, I do not want to think if there is any thief among us, I do not want to suspect anyone. I prefer to take this as my own carelessness, my own responsibility of failing to take care of my own properties, my own fault. And I swear not to simply place my money, I will not expose my money or valuable items to anyone. And I want to say sorry to Amy as well. I lost your money, but I had it replaced.

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