Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 1st interview

I had my 1st interview in Bangi as a graduate 2 days ago. It's inevitably hard to shake off the fear and worries despite my attempt to calm down. I've written scripts on "describe yourself" at home but when asked, my mind wasn't straight. Rather, I answered what normal people won't speak of such as "this is my 1st interview after graduation" and "I have no experience in this field at all". Then I expected questions such as "why should we hire you?" or "what do you see in the next 2 years?" thrown at me. Instead, they directly asked related to my academic.

Interviewer: Do you know what is HPLC?
Jino: Yes, I do. We used that machine during one of our practical lab works in uni.
Interviewer: Then can you briefly describe how the machine works?
Jino: ... (shit) (trying to recall)
Interviewer: Is there mobile phase? Column?
Jino: /nod head. Yea and that machine separates substances based on... (trying to recall again).
Interviewer: Polarity?
Jino: /smile. Yes, polarity.

HPLC is a technique which appeared everywhere in my syllabus but the tension had me not recalled anything. I did my homework but there's no way I could cover 3 years of studies in a short time. HPLC was one that I forgot to read up and I've screwed up as you can see. Then they convert the question to UV spectrophotometer and finally the job scope. When the interview came close to an end, they disclosed the salary of that position which honestly, was a disappointment. I am not expecting much to begin with (Who am I? Only a fresh graduate), but I insisted on the interview so that I can prepare myself better for the future, mentally and academically. This is a good lesson, I did it for experience, better than none at the least. Study before interview!

There's slim chance they will call me again due to my performance. If by chance they ring me up, I have to think double twice as the company restricts employees to work in the same field within 3 years after resigning. That's what I was told. I may misheard.

My ex, XB had succeeded in an interview and will start his job as a customer service officer in Damansara. He introduced me to an agent that links to the same company as his, hoping that we will work together. As a fresh graduate the offered salary is very tempting. However, 10 years of science followed by customer service, to me, is really a turn off.

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