Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st permanent job

16 days. In these 16 days I have been 'fooling' around and been 'fooled' while receiving pay. To those who concern, I am currently working in a bank call centre, located in Cyberjaya. Transport is provided therefore distance is not in question. Some were confused on how Biochemistry is related to banking service. That being said, there is no connection between them. Bioscience does not promise future in Malaysia. To survive in KL is tough, let alone to make a living with my degree. Hence, my job in customer service.

At the same time, I am always alert when it comes to graduate studies. I was once offered a position in UPM, but was then rejected because I cannot comply to both working time. When I have to earn for living, it is natural to consider graduate studies as the second priority. I do not want my degree to go to waste, yet I have no option at the moment.

Back to the title, I am not sure if he plays dumb but there is a colleague who asks me:

Colleague: What do you major at?
Jino: Biochemistry.
Colleague: I know. That is a new course for banking or finance, 'is it'?

That question depressed me. A lot.

There is a rule that restrict handphones in the building. All staff, by all means, are required to keep handphones in the lockers. Imagine 9 hours working without handphone. It is understandable, but is also annoying, agree? That also explains the reason I reply slower than usual. And we have a cafeteria which offers variety of 'food'. We have vege pedas, ayam goreng pedas, tofu pedas, steam ikan pedas, potato pedas. I can only entertain white rice and dhal. KFC is located miles away. Seriously, I start loosing weight on the 2nd week of working.

After an 8-days English assessment upon hiring, I stumbled upon many 'situation' which I never thought are grammatically incorrect. At the same time, we were taught on phonemic codes which help in pronunciation. I am then assigned to Australian credit card call centre. That means I'm gonna be tortured by Aussie.

Now that the English assessment was over, we proceed to process training where we are required to fully master the product knowledge. Due to lack of exposure, I am struggling to comprehend bank language and terminologies. Studying in bank for 2 days has enlightened me. After all, bank is no charity institution. If a lawyer is a professional liar, bank is a legal loan shark. Seeing as so many victims fall into bank's trap and seduction, it is fortunate I do not have a credit card at the moment. Credit, when users are unaware of the limit, is disastrous. Examples set by many credit card slaves on the street. Many lessons to come in the coming weeks.

People like us spend a lot. As for me, switching from prepaid to postpaid has caused me financial crisis. You won't notice how you spend your credit till the statement date comes. As for me, for the 1st time in my life I was about to reach my credit limit this month. While I always scold Edwin on his overused credit, it's a slap on my face when I commit to the same act. RM 128.56 in one month, wei! It's gonna kill me a lot on my 1st salary. I need extra discipline if I were to get myself a credit card >.<.

p/s: If I am quickly running out of credit, I wonder how Khai is doing over there. Maxis sms Digi - unbearable...

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