Sunday, August 29, 2010


On the 3rd day of training in HDP, ATTITUDE was the day's highlight as Jo Wan the trainer repeatedly stressed the enlightening word in her unpleasant tone.

"I don't care if you fail the assessment but I at least wish you will walk out this room with the right ATTITUDE."

To whom it may concern:

I was more than happy when you set your goal this semester to 3.000. What get on my nerve is the fact you sleep, watch One Piece, attend meeting and chant to cosmic energy more than the time you spend on studying. You resort to last minute revision and procrastinate to the very end. You are not helping yourself, who's to be blamed? I personally don't believe you can make it through if this is the ATTITUDE you display.

You complained and wanted your laptop formatted. Then you requested my help. You know I don't have much time yet you procrastinate. Instead of spending 3 hours of my available time to make back up data, you slept and did nothing. You know the consequences. Serves you right.

And many other cases when accumulated causes annoyance.

Everyone makes mistakes. But are you the type who learn from mistakes? Rumi the super boss in the organization said "There are 2 types of fools; fools who never make mistakes and fools who repeat mistakes". You may think they are trivial. But throughout the 2 years, there is no improvement I can give credit for. Very quickly, I reached my tolerance limit. My continuous advice did not reach you. Disappointed. You may hate me now but in the end you know that I love you.

Only if you display the right ATTITUDE, this day may not have to prevail...

I am sorry to Nicholas and Carpe Diem for rejecting the meet up today. Let's meet up some other day. So sorry.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot