Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alma mater

I do not know how true it is after I left, but when we were still students, we took the school image as our greatest pride. Unlike many on the streets, our students keep their shirts tucked in after school hours. Neat. Tidy. Smart. This is the first trait of a Victorian.

Any activities organized by Victorians require minimal, very close to no help from teachers. Teachers are present only on the actual day of campfire, contests, trips and meetings. They are not involved in sponsorships, decision making or planning. Clubs and societies in the VI are students-oriented where Victorians work independently, be it in curricular or co-curricular agendas. This is also a significant trait of the VI. Teachers, however, are important when signatures and approvals are needed.

Assembly in the main hall every Monday morning wouldn't be smooth if not thanks to the Victorians in blue shirts and white pants. These authorized Victorians were limited in numbers. With mere 20+ of them in the Prefectorial Board, the school discipline can somehow be 'assured'. Unique? Awesome, I would say. You cannot find this in many places.

My STPM was my busiest year in my life. It really was. I burned midnight oil for 3 months. I sacrificed 3 months of night sleep. I skipped all school classes and majority of Kasturi classes. No I did not sacrifice for studies. A Victorian endlessly supports the school he loves in many ways. I can safely say that I sacrificed my academics while invested heavily on the magazine. Yet I never complain. Never regret. From a silencer who is not known and had no reputation in the eyes of teachers, I was promoted to bear great responsibilities. Being appointed acting EIC of the VEB 2006, there were a lot that I learned in the short few months. From political struggle in the board itself, experience widened to dealing the hypocrites in the school administration. There were stress from the higher rankings, publishers and useless teachers. I had seen people with double faces in the board, in the admin office and in the staff room. As the leader of a board which managed the production of the school magazine, I (with the greatest support from my editors and committee members) had to take care of everything not only the principal, senior assistants, advisory teachers, but also government puppets, non-related teachers, students, publishers, sponsors, security guards and toilet cleaner inclusively. From my 1st editor I understood how honesty is insignificant in reality. I was taught to practice double standard. There were times I was required to sneak in the principal office and steal documents and risked being caught. Government puppets like kaki bodek a lot so I shamelessly be one to satisfy their needs. My secretary was there when I tried to hold my tears. This was where I gained my first touch of photoshop. I started reading and improving my English 'coz I overlooked News and Report Department and Literary Department. WTF? Why did I torture myself so much for my school? 'Coz I love my school. What did I get in the end? Nothing but life experience and lessons. It's worth.

95% of this cover was my design

Oh, those were my history. The past which many have forgotten. Nonetheless, upholding the honour and tasks as an EIC was my only option to repay the school for what she has done for me. My greatest achievement wasn't the STPM but was VEB. All in all, I am still proud to be a Victorian. Once a Victorian, forever a Victorian. I love my school.

VEB production team 2006.

Give a wise man instruction and he will be yet wiser.

Happy 117th Founders' Day.

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