Friday, August 27, 2010


Trust and faith are essence of a long distance relationship. Not exactly true to say I lack both, but confirmation tests never hurt. Just to remain on the safe side.

He was informed to welcome me on the Wednesday. Instead I took a morning bus to Kampar on Tuesday (17 August). Only by surprise can his guard be lowered. To reduce chances of eliminating evidence, surprise is a wise option.

Upon entering his room I checked behind the door. Chances of someone hiding behind is high.

Then I allowed his wardrobe ajar. In case there are M or L size clothes or unrecognized underwear among the stash. Who knows if I have enough luck to spot someone hiding in the wardrobe?

Trash bin was thoroughly investigated.

Drawers were unlocked.

Every test shows negative result. A question remains. Is he the loyal and faithful type? Or is he from the genius family who leaves no evidence after crime? Either way, I am satisfied as long as I don't find out. This is how I place my trust XD.

p/s: An overdue post without special activity throughout the stay.

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