Sunday, October 24, 2010


I haven't been at work for more than twenty minutes and already my day is going down hill. There are times when hair pulling seems to prevail over other activities in life. Some symptoms to mention that can be noticed are being irritable and tired from not sleeping well, unable to focus and having emotional outbursts. I wish to write more on my work but soon to realize that this is not the place to do so. Not in this post, at the least. 

Unlike my usual routine where I wake up to the work stress, today is different. I wake up this morning with this feeling inside me which I can't explain. Although only 5 hours of sleep, I felt the distinct energy flowing around my body. My heart beats 75 times a minute. Never have I felt this great in the past months.

By hiding my date of birth on Facebook as Ben suggested in U6BF Ayamas gathering 10th May, birthday wishes in Facebook and handphone were drastically reduced as compared with last year. I don't like to stay in the highlight, but needless to say I appreciate the sms and Facebook messages from you all.

A week before my birthday, so zai and I toured to Penang as my birthday celebration. We had nice food, met great guys and most importantly, the xxx session. The video taping would be the best present if my incompetent camera can record a video more than 10 minutes. Disappointed, yeah...

On my birthday, Esper treated a tender grilled chicken chop and a slice of hardened marble cheese cake in Secret Recipe Cyberjaya. Together with the meal were a box of dark chocolate and RM50 Jusco vouchers. His generosity and cordiality put me in guilt. There's no need for such formality anyway.

5 days later, which was a Saturday, so zai and I again had a celebration with Pikey, Bern, Nicholas, Ichi and Esper at Times Square Kenny Rogers. I'm so sorry to put you guys in trouble for I know choosing the right cake was difficult. In honesty, I love the green tea cake.

The next day wasn't a celebration. It's instead a quick breakfast with Pikey and Bern at Sri Petaling where I got on hold Hyorinmaru. A slight touch on the blade and my finger bled. It's sharp.

As I have previously blogged, to celebrate the date of birth is not to celebrate your birthday. Birthday is an event where we express our gratitude and appreciation to our parents. As such, I spent a handful of my salary on Osaka Japanese Restaurant, Klang in a single day. It's very unlike me to spend my money in such trend, but my mum was so satisfied with the oysters and sea cucumbers we had.

Such an eventful month was blogged in one post. Thanks a lot everyone for your participation. I understand the difficulties to read and imagine without pictures but please bear with this. No picture's available as my camera is abducted. To Kampar.

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