Friday, June 4, 2010

Not so alone

Little did you know, I begin to love quality time for myself particularly the lacking of this somehow draws a great margin of incompleteness and incompetence, from me. Thus, without Edwin sticking his nose around me, I made some suggestion (to myself) on how to spend the time for myself without him, without friend or without family. Not many were supportive though, mostly were critics, I traded them for a moment and a place where I would be left alone and thought to find solace. Hey. Just because you can't stand loneliness, you don't label us insane.

Transport availability and equipments when taken into consideration quickly discarded many options such as waterfalls and jungles. My mum was shocked to learn my last minute plan, more surprised when I revealed my intention to go alone.

Up the peak, what caught my attention most would be the stiff breeze that clouded my vision. I exhaled to have a split second of what's in front of me. And then I couldn't see anything again. For that mystical instant I waited an hour to appear again but sadly it's not likely happening. That was a glimpse of sight I hope to experience again.

But seriously, I never imagined that a simple walk like this was capable of returning series of flashbacks, to when I was still actively attached to KC. Ermm... After all KC was the first to introduce me what Genting was. He made me walked with him and spent unnecessarily when both were barely loaded to feed ourselves. How would I ever forget the RM 150 donation he forked out from my wallet on stupid mattresses? Never had I expected to pay RM 100 for a cheap, blur, 20 shots instant camera. Those unbearable pain!!!

Only good looking guys deserve a place here.

Bukit Jalil to Genting: RM 5 bus (An aunty offered to buy at half the normal price)
Hainan tea O in food court: RM 3.50
2 bowling games + shoes: RM 15
Sundae in McD: RM 4.15
Starbucks: RM 19++
Prince of Persia: RM 12
Waffle: RM 4
Bus to Titiwangsa: RM 6.60

My next target is to hunt Asam Laksa and Char Kuey Teow in Penang, alone. Whether it's happening or not, is another good question.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot