Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tormented free

Every person I met through uni had some impact on me, whether they became my best friends, enemies, ex or secret crush. Spending more than 30% of my time there had it turned into my second home and everyone there turned into my second family. We may be inactive most of the time, I loved all the activities and the closeness of everyone. Despite the complains on the canteen food, facilities and lecturers we had, UTAR is nevertheless a choice I made to spend my 3 years tertiary education.

UTAR portal was down when the results were released. The waiting was extremely tormenting but the outcome was the best I'd achieved so far. For some reasons, I managed to pass all my papers even though I had already assumed the worst for Genomics. Sounds like UTAR doesn't want me to be its student any longer, so do I never want to be their coursemate anymore.

I am not important. Ignore me. - Dr. Khoo.
PR lecturer was so annoying that I always have reasons to punch her red nose every time I saw her.
Computer Science and Organic Chemistry were the worst as they pulled down my CGPA damn lot that I began my journey with lots of injuries.
Dr. Anna is my favourite lecturer. She's the prettiest and kindest of all lecturers.

No doubt English was the most relaxing subject offered, with nothing to study.
And I was 30 minutes late for my Maths paper due to pukimak traffic jam on the Friday. Wasn't moving from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., just few steps away from my house. I hate strawberries! Unforgivable.
Pengajian Malaysia was the best, never enter class but scored A in the exam.

The semester I finally understood the importance of memorizing notes. Definitely will fail if I didn't memorize. Memorized 100% for every paper.

Heard of 2k hydrogen bonds between A and T nucleotides? You can't find it anywhere but in UTAR.
If you think that a multiracial country can be built by enforcing ISA, then you are hell wrong. - CC debate.
Kita bertemu lagi dalam rancangan, Jino Talk!

What does a girl have that boys don't have? - Dr. Soon. BRAIN!!! - Seng Seng.
What's the scientific term for lung? Start with the word 'p'. - Dr. Soon. PARU PARU!!! - Anonymous.
Oh yea, 3 midterms for a subject. Stressful. Ridiculous or not?
Photosinsis, fee radical, exponential tam - Dr. Lim, our Bioscience dean, who had left to Taylors. Good luck to Taylors.
If I catch anyone copying, whole class get zero! - Dr. Seaweed.
Connical flank. Retarted stand. I thought they were conical flask and retort stand. Anyway, lecturer drew Nike logo on both answers.

A tree, is a tree lah! With leaves and branches. - Fashion Disaster.
The tips are, study all. - Dr. CB.
I will close both eyes when I mark your paper. It's not like I understand anything you write. - Dr. Not Important.
Is there any pufferfish in Malaysia? - Dr. Seaweed. No! Only in Japan! - Seng Seng.

You know what is magic? You got watch magic show ar?

These were among some highlights I could recall throughout my degree life.

Though it's a second lower class, heck! I've graduated! My next plan is to work my ass out for cash. Goodbye UTAR~ But wait! At a corner of my heart is an overwhelming desire to do masters. Should I? Should I not? I am indecisive, that I agree. Financial is the main concern. Definitely require more advices and options regarding this matter, I need to seek some help. Meanwhile I've spread some resume on the internet, hopefully they hook me up for interviews. Feel free to hook me up for yum cha if you want to. Darn free at the moment.

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