Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop writing! To the Stop.

The temperature was a lot colder than it was outside where the sun was shining.

Despite the invigilators patrolling, I received various feedbacks when I smirked on the people around me. My effort was dearly rewarding as I look at the clock to notice I completed my answer script in half the required time. As the clock made its final lap, I can hear the rustling getting more frequent. 

Sharp 11 a.m., 15 of May, 2010 had marked another historical day to the Biochemistry students in UTAR. It's not hard to figure out what happened, is it?

"Stop writing!"

Knowing them well enough, they never were obedient but this day was an exception. No one bothered to stall more time, especially under Dr. Seaweed's surveillance. She sure left us quite the parting gift.

Without losing my composure, I exhaled one strong breath of stress, sorrow, uncertainties and satisfaction into my hands. To gain courage and walked out the room steadily was proving difficult. My heart couldn't decide to cry or to laugh. This was tearing me up inside.

With the student life ended in less than hours, it's never wrong to claim vacation in place after the hectic 3 years of studies. Without the books pressuring along, when else can I find this moment again? Never will! Till official announcement of my exam results is made, I will not hesitate. Not hesitate to move away from my student routine. For 17 years we've been carrying books. For 17 years we had been pressurized with exams. It had finally come to an end*. Enough is enough!

My first immediate move to claim what's lost in the 17 years is to the Stop while everyone was heading to Malacca.

Thanks everyone for all the lucks, support, slaps and hugs in my hardest time. Now that I am free, I can get active in online again.

Zombie after his finals

*Provided I'm not required to repeat any paper in Kampar.

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