Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The last chapter

Think! Think! Think!

Today isn't a usual Tuesday.

After many weekends down the drain pulling my thesis, I couldn't contain the excitement another instant. I'm thrilled to announce that the thesis is finally submitted to respective parties. The toughest part in writing a thesis is not the content or analysis of data. It is to regulate the thesis format to every lecturers' 'taste' that I cursed Dr. Seaweed, Dr. CB and Dr. Ferment almost every night. While every lecturer describes the format differently, around that time everyone was causing huge uproars. It is safe to assume that if there are 100 lecturers in UTAR, then we have 100 different formats for thesis writing to follow. That's UTAR for you.

My 2nd draft

Reading journals and checking thesis were my favourite in class and at home but those were the time. Now that the thesis has nothing in connection to me, I've temporary lost my objective of life. You worked and contributed endlessly to this company and when you grew old, you no longer have the value and hence the dismissal from the company. You've lost the job, you wander around the house aimlessly. You wake up at 7 morning to realize you have no office to go to. You clean dishes at 2 p.m. when by right you had meetings at this hour.

If I am allowed, this is how I feel currently. More or less. Something is found missing in me. My life will be pretty flat in the days to come. That aside, I am very satisfied with the outcome. Thesis I mean. It is undeniable that I have gained knowledge and experience in this field, strangely the pressure was well compensated with the joy and fun along the team mates throughout the project.

Of 'coz, I have finals coming real soon but the motivation has not reached the stimulative level.

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