Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gotta Catch 'Em All

First and foremost, Happy Belated 4th Blogiversary to Debris of my mind, scattered everywhere. The exact date was 13th April but I am sure the blog doesn't mind late wishes.

I remember the days I played the game several years ago. It was so interesting I couldn't help repeating the game over hundred times to date. The anime, mostly related to friendship and not merely love, captivated me to addiction. Days and nights I wish the world would turn into the very fantasy as portrayed in anime. That was several years ago before I entered adulthood.

Few years later, as an adult, I fell into addiction, again.

Khai sent me the Pokemon Emerald, a relatively old version of Pokemon I've never lay my hand on. Knowing the addictive effect, I should not have indulged in the game until my tests end. Heaven knows, I clicked the emulator, checked out saving error (if any), tried some battles and hoo lah~ 7 hours gone. Pokemon, you say? Yes, I don't know what's FFXIII. Yes I am an old fashioned gamer and I am not wrong XD

Edwin complained not receiving any sms or call from me ever since I started Poke-ing. So did the MSN mates. It can't be helped. Meddling in the mid of my battles, how do I deal both sides at the same time? I must choose. Really can't be helped. I needed concentration and cannot afford distraction at this stage. Can you now see the influence of Pokemon had on me?

After long absence from the Pokemon field, my weaknesses are pronounced. I could not differentiate the Pokemons' elements, their weaknesses and attributes. The maps are too big and confusing to be explored in the shortest time. Analyzing skill deteriorates. Most importantly, I spent too much time training my Pokemon to battle the low levels.

In comparison to the previous versions, thumbs up should be given to Emerald. Not only I fail to 1-hit KO like I always do, to my surprise the Elite Fours somehow managed to force 2 full restores, 1 max revive, 2 elixers and 12 rare candies out from my level 88 Swampert. That's a big achievement to the Elite Fours. Those were items I never used in my experience, except rare candies. Let alone using them while battling level 56 Pokemon with my level 88 Swampert. It's safe to say the most exciting battle lies upon them. At least I felt so. Kudos, Elite Fours of Emerald Version. You earn the praise.

While the end of the Elite Fours drew near, the outcome and the next journey of the game was anxiously anticipated before horrible incidents occurred. Too bad. Too bad. After the credits, the saved game was automatically deleted. Or the game restarted to point 0. Either one is good to drive me nut. 'Coz after 7 hours of hard works and sweat, the game... cannot be continued.

I ache all over. Almost couldn't stop my tears, I am now thinking if I should start all over.

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