Sunday, June 13, 2010

I don't want to see you anymore

I had been doing a lot of thinking last night.

The faint weep of dismay danced at the edges of my hearing, kept me from gaining much needed sleep.
Small elements when periodically amassed resulted uproars in the equation.
Chances are, my tolerance knows little bound.
Patience means self-suffering.
So speaks Gandhi, and so it is written.

In my ranting, I had slipped my intention - the title.
We exchanged more tears as we drove home.
After all, it is a break up line I don't wish to tell in contrary.
After what we'd been through.
I devoted every ounce of my being taking care of you.
The title - saying it had been an exercise in frustration.

12 of June, 1752 hours.
Both rings were in my pocket.
You finally left with tears.
Freedom? No more sadness?
I had made the right decision, I suppose.
But this was tearing me up inside as well.

Tragically, Jino became single.

However, the existence and all legends about you have since then been undeniable without exception.
The feeling of sorrow was not all the remains in the 886 days we spent.
Someone once said, a relationship is not about changing anyone to what we want.
Personally, I find true love as something that doesn't happen in an instant.
It is a building process.
It speaks the truth about relationship.

Someone says the relationship we have is immature.
Many don't believe we could last.
My mum tried to separate us.
I introduced you to my friends.
More importantly, you are my bf and my bf.
How could I not recall these moments in the idle night I thought I was thinking deeply?

Why don't you strengthen your heart.
When I believe you have more reasons to stay together than to part?
Your love is not worn out.
Not yet.
'Coz you have made promises. Many promises.
Says he, who enlightened, via msn.

An hour later.
My jelly mind was finally straighten.
Once again I placed my trust.
I believe this love will stand the test of time.
Back on your finger, I placed the ring on its righteous place.
I give my thanks to you. Now I am stronger.

Jino was single, and then attached.

Isn't this story, dramatic?

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