Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gain and lost

Couple of months ago, an incident inevitably broke out. I almost lost you but we managed to keep the differences aside and moved on. That was at the expenses of losing interest on Rynn's songs, a rather surprising fact to a die hard fan like myself. His songs hold no meaning to me already. Many a time you requested me to sing. While his songs evaporated on the historical night itself, I couldn't do as you ordered. The very songs which I sang thousand times no longer sink in my brain like they used to. Without a second thought, all his posters and news articles were rid from my treasure box.

Unfortunately, another similar event took place last week. The previous post wasn't sufficiently informative so I might as well clear the mess here. This time as well, Edwin and I are still intact. Difference was, it was the interest to online that the event claimed. Simply put, I don't have the mood to online and this seems to last for more than a week. That explain my hiatus from msn all this while. In addition, my Facebook was deactivated accordingly. No hint that I will make a come back this soon. Undoubtedly, no change of heart but a change in me. Whether it is a good or bad sign is not me or you to decide. I blame no single soul for the change.

A brief update about me. My time is largely spent on Diablo and Diablo II. Hell mode in Diablo II is no joke. Even at level 98, I barely able to stand against Baal. Anyhow, my sorceress cleared her path and ranked herself the Matriarch. OMG playing Diablo at this age makes me so outdated. But it was pure satisfaction extracted when Baal disappeared into thin air. Now it's time to put other characters to test.

I read One Piece, 586 chapters in a month. Amazing, no?

Also, I am still waiting a professor's reply whether to absorb me as his master student or not. It's been ages already. No company approached me for interview. I was like an abandoned cat with despair eyes. If the situation persists by July, I have to force money to flow in.

Few bloggers have privatized their blogs during my hiatus. I don't have right to question and they don't have to entertain me. Who am I? Feel childish if I approach them. I was stunned a while for not being informed. I prefer to think of it only as a misfortune rather than ponder their true reasons. Surely, it is none of my business but it disheartened that I wasn't invited to read. The puzzled feeling... eh eh eh? With full respect I supported their decisions. If I can read that wouldn't be called privatization, right?

That aside, I had my 1st anniversary recently. An anniversary of a friendship. He couldn't coincidentally approach me like that. He must have done his homework properly. I can't be wrong. I appreciate his sincerity very much that we celebrated with sushi. Hopefully we will meet some day.

Cucumber and egg maki

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