Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Handphone

Last weekend I was in one of the phone shop in Lowyat. I was looking for a phone, coz my old phone is kind of screw up. Anyway I need a back up phone as I start using Digi and Hotlink at the same time. I approach the dealer and here is our conversation (Chinese translated to English pasar):

[Jino] : Boss, how much is Nokia 2100 now?

dealer : What? 2100? Long time don't have liao la... No more no more.

[Jino] : Then, how bout 1600?

dealer : Har? Both oso no more liao de la. Why you looking for second hand is it?

[Jino] : No la, I want new set de. I like both the handphones. No more sell liao meh?

dealer : Long time ago putus jor la. How much is your budget leh?

[Jino] : Around 100 bucks got ma?

dealer : Put in 50 bucks more, buy this 1650 la. Cheap cheap. Back up phone lor.

Then he showed me the model. After checking awhile, it has very normal functions similar to my old 2100 except of the colour and radio and a few other useless features.

[Jino] : Boss, this normal phone why so expensive de?

dealer : New phone ma. Out this year oni de. New model. Very cheap already. You go next shop and see how much la.

And yea, a lot of friends recommend me this shop. So I kind to fond this shop.

[Jino] : Then boss I come back this Saturday ok ma?

dealer : You come back ok la. But come back here oh haha...

And on Saturday 06 September, I bought this phone without much thinking. I have no idea if it is a bit too high in price. For me it is an ok price. So there goes my RM 145, and welcome the new phone Nokia 1650. My 6 year old 2100 can retire now, although it is now used as Hotlink line.

However, after 1 day of using I found that it is very difficult to type and sms. The key pad is too small for my large fingers. And the display is kind of boring. Hope I can adapt to it soon. Sms is my life now...

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