Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st day of working - 25 Sept 2008

Promised to work as kuli for Danny Gor's boss for 2 days, I woke up 6 am today. Woke up 6 am to work??? Wow... Where did I work? Ooo it's just Wisma Lim Foo Yong, near Raja Chulan monorail station. So I reached Hang Tuah station at 7.20 am, and walked to Raja Chulan station. Exposing myself to the UV light, I am synthesizing vitamin D which can enhance and maximize calcium ion absorption in my body. Besides exercising, I am saving RM 1.20 too...

I was waiting for gor... 7.45 am, and he was not here yet. 8.29 am, and he was not here yet. Gor had toothache, cried like a baby asked help from dentist before he went to work. So I was alone. I was a bit nervous as I was very new to the working place. I had no idea of my job scope. I was afraid for no reason. I am not the socializing type, so it's natural for me to feel this way everytime I am forced to blend in new environment. So I went up to his office, clicked on the bell, someone came upon to serve me, and so I made myself at home. There were 6 magazines on the table. 2 Komputer Bisnis (Indon version), a wine guide book, a HR Management magazine, a guide book touring Jakarta, and also a fashion magazine. After reading all, it's already 9.30 am. So I was sitting there for an hour doing nothing? I was very shy and blur for not doing anything. I only knew that my job was as a kuli, help to carry things around coz they are shifting their office to PJ. What to carry, what to do? I have no idea...

When Mr Nai the boss asked me to do some works, they were really some minor works. Dismantle computer components and arrange the computers. Not to mention I was chit chatting, eating mooncake, drink ribena, reading newspaper and also walking around doing nothing. As time passed by, money came in my pocket. Am I really making money by doing all this? After lunch I was suppose to follow Mr Andrew to PJ, and helped him to unload some computer components into their new office. So I was thinking, maybe there's some errand I can do up there, and that's why I was needed. I travelled in his err... Toyota don't know what car. Accidentally, I fell asleep in his car lol. Very paiseh leh. Didn't do much yet to be the 1st to fall asleep!!! I clearly understood that I reached the new office at 2.15 pm. After unloading, I wasn't given any order. I don't know whether I was allowed to sit, drink or even sms. I didn't even know if I was standing on the correct spot lol. Perhaps Andrew saw me too bored doing nothing, he asked me to help a lady to change her CRT monitor to an LCD. So it took me a minute to do the job, and there I was. Bored again. I counted the lights on the ceiling, analyzed their carpeted floor, listened to workers' conversation. And till now, I have no idea as what the company's job is.

The clock striked 4.15 pm. Wow... Will I be paid for sitting there for 2 solid hours? Then Andrew drove me back to KL office and bade farewell. See him tomorrow. Back in this office, I felt empty again. It's like I was useless, there's nothing I can do. I was dismissed at 5 pm instead of 6 pm. Should I thank Mr Nai for letting me off early? Yea I should. Otherwise I will be dead of boredom together with RM 9 extra. Doing things as mentioned had me earned RM 67.50. Easy money? I hope tomorrow will be a better day. At least don't pay me to stand!!!

Off I went and I had a date with my bf Edwin lol. Yea bf... He caught me by surprise when he suddenly popped out in front of the office building. Haha so then he treated me dinner in Sg Wang Delifrance. We had Pasta Chicken Bolognese and Ramadhan Festive Treat Beef Arabiatta Combo and an Iced Chocolate. Suddenly treat me so good I also don't know why. We departed after walking around in Sg Wang. Although I did nothing much, but today was a tiring day. I was happy because someone was waiting for me at my workplace, and there's a little surprise too. I like this kind of feeling probably because this was the first time someone was willing to wait for me.

Rootbeer + Iced Chocolate

Soup of the Day + Sweet Canape

Beef Arabiatta + Chicken Pasta Bolognese

Me + bf Edwin

And I put him bf on purpose. Thx ^^

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